Marketing on a Budget: New Marketing Trends for Small Startups

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Creating any marketing budget requires finesse. Some of the most expensive marketing budgets completely miss their mark, and some of the cheapest, most simple marketing budgets attract millions of new customers. 

But how do you simplify your marketing plan so you can keep a budget? If you want to boost your traffic, click here to learn the top new marketing trends for businesses on a budget. 

Creating a Unified Customer Experience 

It doesn't take a million dollars to create a unified customer experience. When it comes down to it, it doesn't take money at all. Creating a unified customer experience is about making sure your content delivers your brand messaging with a loud, unified voice.

Marketing has always been about brand recognition and audience engagement. What good is having a profound in-person customer experience if the online experience doesn't match? 

Find ways to match your online experience to the product you deliver to the consumer.  Utilize lifecycle marketing to digitally track your customers' feedback so you can tailor their experience.

There are plenty of ways to standardize your customer experience. You don't need to break the bank to use those methods. 

Interactive Content

Part of creating a unified customer experience is creating engaging digital content. There are plenty of reasons interactive content is more effective than non-interactive content. For starters, because interactive content is new, it catches customers' attention.

The longer someone occupies his/herself with your interactive content, the longer they stay on your page, and the more likely they are to engage with your brand. Interactive content is also much more sharable than traditional content, so you're engaging more audiences with less content. 


The biggest obstacle companies face today is changing the narrative about the digital world. People view social media as impersonal, and the digital barrier creates a distance between the company and the consumer. Personalization is the answer to all of digital marketing's everyday problems. 

A competent marketing agency understands consumers want to feel wanted, and they want to feel like companies are speaking directly to their needs. Consumers can tune out generic ads. So put some effort into your marketing and build meaning into your brand. 

SERP Position Zero

Search engine positioning just got a little more complicated. It turns out, in today's highly competitive world, being number one isn't good enough. Position zero gives information relating to the search query while providing a link to the page where Google takes the data. 

Depending on what search engine internet users opt to use, position zero can be the only thing they see. For this reason, making sure you're hitting keyword markers and you have sound SEO practices is imperative. 

Top New Modern Marketing Trends 

These top new modern marketing trends are a continuation of an evolving art form. How companies engage with customers and expand their brand has always been, and will always be about how important customers feel. 

Your company doesn't need a bunch of money to create a solid marketing campaign. Be smart and use these top modern marketing trends to take your brand to the next level. 

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