5 Tips To Get Bloggers Attention For Writing A Product Review

tips grab blogger attention writing product review posts

It is crucial to create brand awareness and for that, you create a marketing campaign including radio ads TV commercials, email campaigns, social media marketing, and more. Each one plays a role and blogger recommendation is the best source for potential conversions. Bloggers reviews can make a huge impact on building trust, referring to traffic, and getting customers. 

The affiliate program or paid searches have become easily recognizable. Organic reviews are hard and take time but your product review from a blogger can make a difference. For this, you will need to make a little effort and even connect with product review bloggers. 

Veteran bloggers with good traffic attract a lot of attention to product reviews. They don’t respond easily because they suffer from utter information overload. So, the question is how to get a blogger interested in offering a review for your product. Finding bloggers, which provide sponsored reviews of high-quality is essential for promoting your product productively and not in a spammy or unnatural way.

Tips To Interest Bloggers For Writing A Product Review 


Avoid form emails, where you just need to add a name. It indicates they are dotting the blogosphere searching for bloggers to get their product reviewed. All such emails end up in the trash. So, if you desire to get noticed, be personal! Write a real email and if you are not aware of how to personally address them then do a little online research. 

It is necessary to build a relationship, introduce yourself, and offer some helpful tips. Never pitch your product in the very first email. You can even get connected on Twitter first before sending an email. If the blogger has a contact page for reaching out, then follow it or you may be ignored. 


The majority of bloggers need content and publicity. You can offer guest posting on their blogs. It has to be relevant including pure content without a sales pitch. Link your website in the author’s description with the guest post. You are getting in touch with the blogger for your product publicity then it seems odd to offer them publicity. It is ironic! 

Nonetheless, this is a chance for shared backscratching. E.g. if you link press coverage then notify the blogger about their review being linked on your website in the press section. It offers the blogger credibility and he/she like that a lot. 


Choose bloggers who do reviews and cover wide topics including your niche. Your product has to be relevant to the blog's audiences. Irrelevant product pitch will obviously get deleted without any response from the blogger. 


Never make your email look like a typical corporate drive! This is marketing and needs some rules to grab attention. The email subject line has to create curiosity and invite the blogger to open and read. 


If your product is worth then it will certainly get a positive review. Bloggers must never be pushed to offer a positive review. If bloggers don’t like the product and feel that their audiences will also like it but write a positive review then they lose their credibility. Bloggers don’t desire to risk their relationship with the audience. It took them years to build a loyal audience base of subscribers, readers, and visitors. 

Bigger Blogger Attention Content Conclusion

Getting bloggers to write a product review is a great way to promote your product, but make sure to follow the tips given above! It will help your business big time.

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