Simple Pipedrive Hacks To Grow Your Business

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Pipedrive is a sales management tool that can help sales teams to manage sales processes. Put simply, Pipedrive enables salespeople to focus on actions in order to close deals. It is accessed using a simple visual interface and includes powerful features including email integration, goal tracking and reporting services, and forecasting capabilities. 

However, although most sales teams know how to use Pipedrive to customize their pipelines and upload and win deals and contacts, there are some less well known Pipedrive features that are just as valuable. So, let us discover 3 simple Pipedrive hacks that can help your business to grow. 

MailChimp Integration 

When launching a marketing or prospecting campaign, it is important to know your audience so that you can tailor your messaging and communications accordingly. Most businesses achieve this individualised approach to marketing by using lists of contacts segmented by demographics, locations, and any other relevant distinguishing factors. Correspondingly, MailChimp is a mass email marketing platform that can be integrated with Pipedrive to plan your marketing campaigns. You can learn more about Mailchimp pipedrive integration by checking out some of the useful resources on the PieSync website. 

Through MailChimp Pipedrive integration, your sales team can design, automate, and analyse email campaigns to create professional, branded messages that get results. Want to learn more about how it all works? Well, if you want to target specific demographics of contacts, then you can set up simple filters in Pipedrive to ensure that only eligible customers receive a specified email. For example, if you want to send an email to contacts in a certain area, then Pipedrive can transfer contacts to MailChimp in a matter of minutes. 

Activity Reminders And Update Alerts 

When working as part of a busy sales team, remembering all the elements of your daily schedule can seem like a daunting task. Forgetting about meetings, deals, and calls can have devastating and costly consequences. Above all, the success of a deal depends greatly on communicating with customers and clients in a conscientious and punctual manner. Consequently, Pipedrive can send out daily activity reminder emails. These activity reminders tell you all about your sales activities before they are due and can be sent via email or to a mobile device. You can even change your settings to avoid alerts from other members of your team that are not relevant to your current projects. 

If you travel for business, manage sales on the go, or work from home, Pipedrive can help you to say informed about all of your upcoming activities. So, whether you need a 5-minute warning about a meeting, or a prompt about a presentation on the day before a big event, an activity reminder can be scheduled to give you a nudge in the right direction. Scheduled activities are not the only event that you need to stay notified about though. Pipedrive enables you to send and receive customized details about deals through desktop notifications, summary reports, and mobile messages. Simply customize how you want to be informed and you will never miss an important detail again. 

Create Custom Activities 

When using Pipedrive, interactions with customers are tracked as activities. Although Pipedrive comes with some generic activity types including ‘call’, ‘lunch’, and ‘meeting’, your sales team can actually use Pipedrive to track other types of events that do not fit into these generic categories. For example, if your team spends time analysing data to determine how best to communicate with customers, you might want to create a ‘data analysis’ activity type to use in the future. As soon as an activity has been created in Pipedrive, any users can schedule this new custom activity type. 

Tempted to create a custom activity of your own? Simply click your account name on the right side of the top bar within your Pipedrive account, and then choose ‘Company settings’ from the left-hand menu. From here, click the ‘Activity types’ tab, then the green ‘Add activity type’ button on the far-right side of the screen. You can then name the activity and assign it with an icon to make it instantly recognizable. If there are any activity types that are not relevant to your sales team or that become obsolete, these can be deleted by selecting the ‘Deactivate’ option next to the activity that is no longer required. 

Ultimately, by exploring all of the functions and features of Pipedrive, you can use time saving sales tactics to focus your meetings and calls so that you can take control of your workload. By utilising some of the tips above, you might even be able to transform the way that your sales team uses Pipedrive for the better of your business. 

When running a business that relies on a recurring revenue sales model, it is crucial that you maintain a professional and eye-catching online presence. We all search for things online nowadays, and if you want customers to choose your products and services, then, alongside cutting-edge sales software, you need a website that looks the part. For more information, check out this guide to designing a business website.

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