Things You Should Know When Recruiting For The CPG Sector

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Weighing in at approximately $2 trillion, consumer packaged goods is definitely one of the biggest industries in the USA. 

Regardless of its immense influence on the marketplaces worldwide, the entire CPG sector is facing rather a serious challenge – how to find top talent for other industries. The problem is that the CPG industry is losing top talent to these other industries. 

However, the key to solving this huge problem lies in the way companies and candidates perceive the CPG sector. If the sector manages to change the way people see this industry and make it more appealing, it could become almost as desirable as investment banking, technology, consulting, or healthcare. 

Since new technologies and innovations in data analytics and supply chain management drive new delivery models, the CPG industry is rapidly changing and evolving, and so is recruiting for candidates. 

If we consider all this, here are some of the essential things to know when recruiting for the CPG industry. 

1. Data-Based And Tech-Savvy As New Required Skills 

Whether you're running your own bootstrapped startup or looking for a job, being tech-savvy in the world of digital technologies is simply a must. 

The same goes for the CPG sector. Data is the new currency nowadays, and we can see advances in data analytics, automated supply chain management, mobile technology, etc. 

These advances helped build the infrastructure for the newest e-commerce delivery model – click and collect. Every online business is implementing this delivery model as we speak, and it's one of the main channels for retail stores online. 

That's also where the catch is. Brand managers and other CPG employees need to understand all the marketing data they gather from various sources. 

Their data-based skills allow them to personalize and geo-target loyalty programs and discount offerings, and so on. So, the newest required skills include data literate, tech-savvy, product knowledge, relationship building, and communication. 

2. New Candidates Need To Reflect The Consumer Base 

Nowadays, the entire business landscape revolves around one single term – customer- centricity. It means that modern businesses put their customers before their revenue, sales, etc. 

It's all about what a business can do to provide each customer with the best customer service, support, experience, and journey. Their success depends on it. Well, the same can be said for the CPG industry. It mainly prioritizes inclusion and diversity in their recruiting techniques. 

The goal is to create an ideal and cohesive workplace and staff that reflect the consumer base or rather the demographics of it. Employer branding is one of the best ways to emphasize both inclusion and diversity initiatives. 

It's one of the main reasons why CPG employers offer great benefits and perks to attract top talent and appeal to their demographics in the best way possible. 

3. Retention As The Best Way To Address High Turnover 

Finding labor is the biggest challenge for most e-commerce and distribution firms, especially if they work within the CPG industry. It can be compounded by applying high turnover rates for industries such as transportation and manufacturing. 

The best way to address these high rates is by improving retention efforts. These efforts include frequent performance data, mentoring programs, development and training resources, structured onboarding processes, and more. 

Manufacturing, retail, and transportation aren't exactly the favorite career choices among millennials, but they can be if employers improve their retention efforts to better address the diverse and specific needs of the targeted workforce demographics. 

More people will want to work in these industries if they're offered amazing retention benefits that should persuade them to do so. 

“By being able to understand what the retailers do and how they’re different, the employers can work with candidates and clients in a more comprehensive way that actually caters to their specific needs, wants, and desires”, says Jennifer Britton, CPG headhunter in Minneapolis MN

4. AI Recruiting Technologies Help Beat Competition 

Finally, your biggest ally in the world of CPG recruiting is AI recruiting technology. It allows you to automate most of the mundane processes, speed things up and save time, effort, and resources. 

These are extremely important advantages that help you get ahead of your competition in a highly competitive market. The volume of CPG roles is constantly increasing, and CPG employers need innovative ways to cope with these changes. 

AI optimizes and automates time-consuming recruiting processes, allowing employers to focus on their core mission. Using the AI recruiting technology, recruiters can scan through hundreds and thousands of candidates and grade them instantly. It’s all about the strategy. 

It gives the CPG employers a significant advantage over their competitors while making each recruiting session a more enjoyable experience for the candidates. Take it from the mouths of the experts themselves. 

CPG Conclusion 

So, as you can see, CPG recruiting is quite a lively environment where things change with each passing day. Fortunately, we have the technology, skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience to rely on when making our decisions. 

Recruiters who are well-aware of these key things that set the standards in the CPG industry have far greater chances of creating a competitive advantage. This advantage allows them to recruit top talent in the ever-evolving CPG environment. It all comes down to creating a comprehensive employer value proposition that your new employees will appreciate.

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