How To Rank With Local SEO

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For any business that offers its services in more than one area, Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Local Search Marketing, is a good way to boost organic search. SEO is crucial to your business, period. If any digital marketer tells you otherwise, they don't understand the modern digital age of business.

What Is Local SEO? 

Google knows that people use the search function to find particular types of businesses in their local area. It works hard to deliver results based on the area they are in when they hit search. Someone using search will get different results if they are at home or using their phone in another area, thank to Local SEO. 

Traditional SEO improves a site's ranking nationally, or globally. Instead, Local SEO takes advantage of Google’s different algorithm for local services to help a business rank higher in the geographical area they operate in. One way is to optimize a website for local SEO is to create location-specific "About Us" pages. 

Why Is Local SEO Important? 

Apart from increasing organic traffic, Local SEO can be used to increase leads and grow a business’s brand awareness in the area where the potential customers live and work. If correctly optimized for Local SEO, the company will appear in the search results at the exact time the potential customer is looking for the service they offer in the area. If you can get your local business to rank high in the results, you’re increasing your chances of getting a customer to walk through your door instead of a competitor operating in your area. 

How Does Local SEO Work? 

What makes Local SEO different from other Google searches is that the search engine uses different ranking factors when it ranks local search results. The place that the person is searching from is key, as is the number of check-ins, shares on social media, and the Google Maps star rating. Three crucial and simple ways to improve a business' unique ranking signals for Local SEO include: 

NAP Citations 

A local citation is any mention online of a business' name, address, and phone number (NAP) online. People want to find the information they need to make contact with a business, or find its address, quickly and feel secure that the details are correct. That's why the number of NAP citations a business has online, and the accuracy and quality of the platforms the info appears on, will affect the search engine results and rankings. 

Presence On ‘Google My Business’ Listing 

Think of Google My Business (GMB) as an online business directory. A business that has claimed and verified their local GMB listing can use it to create a profile with all their details included. Customers can then find information, like the business address, phone number, business hours and types of payment accepted, quickly and without having to visit the website. 

A business can optimize their GMB by: 

• Filling out all the answers requested in the GMB profile. 
• Checking into the listing regularly to make sure no one has made unwanted changes (anyone can access a GMB listing). 
• Adding GMB posts, which are like “mini ads” that show up in the Knowledge Panel and on Google Maps along with your GMB listing. 
• Inviting customers to add reviews. 
• Adding a photo to a GMB listing. 
• Adding a business description using keywords that relate to the industry they provide a service for. 

If you want to do local search engine optimization correctly, make sure to hire a top local seo company.

Making Sure Reviews Send The Right Signals 

Google wants to recommend credible businesses to their customers. Hosting reviews on a GMB is one way to help them do this and is one of the key local search ranking factors. Reviews will send a signal to search engines that the business is trustworthy and a leader in its area of service. It builds trust with the search engine as it "tells" it the business has customers that rate their service highly. When they respond to a customer review, it "tells" the search engine that the business values its customers and their feedback. 

There are many ways a business can improve Local SEO results. SEO changes rapidly, but local SEO optimization is a reliable and lucrative strategy to take advantage of local searches and find new customers, but also as a solid SEO foundation for a website. Here is a few more reasons why SEO is important for small businesses. 

Every location is different when it comes to local search engine optimization. If you are located in the Los Angeles County or nearby, contact this Los Angeles SEO Expert for a free consultation and strategy session.

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