What Is Special About British MG Cars?

mgb gt classic british cars

One of the most popular British car manufacturer MG has always fascinated its customers by various great car models. Since its launch in the 1930s, MG has concentrated on the production of sports cars. Though, the company has also manufactured various coupes and saloons that had the engines up to three liters in size. Nonetheless, the MGB GT car model is probably the one that all classic car lovers know the best. 

History Of The MGB 

MG started producing an MGB car model in the early 1958s. The automobile model was mainly created for sports car lovers. It had only two doors and was quite light in comparison with other vehicles at the time. The model was like a dream come true for many British sport car lovers who have been waiting for a modern, chic version. In 1978, MG produced its first MGB GT V8 coupe, which is highly sought by classic car collectors even today. Dedicated classic car lovers can find various models of MGB GT in reseller websites. 

The Factory 

MGB GT cars were manufactured at one of the most famous British factories in Abingdon (Oxfordshire, England). This small town was the place were all MG cars were produced from the beginning until the very end. Abingdon has a special atmosphere that highly affected the model of the car. The Abingdon factory was closed in the 1980s. 

Though, even today MG brand enthusiasts can visit the factory and get an insight into why the legendary MGB GT cars were designed in a way they were. Not to mention that the small town of Abingdon is fascinating by its beautiful views and countryside. 

The Price Of MGB GT Today 

MGB car value is slowly rising every year. Classic car collectors usually purchase it for their pleasure, yet after many years it can be usually sold for a higher price. As a result, some might think that the MGB is a good investment. Though, if a potential buyer takes a closer look into the history of the marque it is clear that the cars produced in 1966-1967 are worth the most, as they have a classic car body style and have been perfected in and out. 

It is essential to notice that there are people who choose to purchase renewed MGB cars for everyday use, as the model is quite easy to maintain and pleasant to drive.

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