What Are The Best Shock Collars For Dogs?

best shock collars for dogs

Shock collars are frequently among the top choices when people are setting out to train their dogs. You will find they are sometimes called remote electronic collars, others are simply training collars, and many are dubbed e-collars. 

They are all designed for the same thing: administering an electronic shock to dogs when they are wearing this type of collar. 

Depending on the trainer's needs, the duration and intensity of the shock can be adjusted on most shock collars for dogs - best models at iPetCompanion. This type of collars is often recommended to pet owners because they are not only humane but also a highly effective method for training dogs to break any bad habits. 

History Of Shock Collars 

People started using shock training collars in the late 1960s. Back then they started to be used to train dogs who were destined to be used for hunting. 

Today these collars are popular solutions for tackling numerous dog training needs. Owners often use the collars as part of a dog’s obedience training or when they need behavior to be modified. 

Remote collars are also used to reinforce the desired behaviors in our pets. In a few cases, this style of collar is used as part of pet containment systems, or as a device deployed in anti-theft and tracking situations. 

Service dogs like those employed by the police or the armed forces are also trained using these collars. 

Some collars have built-in advanced features. These can include GPS trackers to help owners locate their pets or beepers and lights that can help hunters in the field find out where their dogs are. 

Uses Of Shock Collars 

A shock training collar is useful for adjusting many kinds of bad behavior. These safe electrical products can deter jumping up, stop dogs digging, temper tendencies to chase or to jump up on furniture. They are also effective against chewing and eating anything that is not allowed or to control excessive barking. 

Shock collars are also deployed to help reinforce basic commands such as “heel,” “come”, “sit,” or “stay”.As such a shock collar can be a useful part of basic obedience training for dogs. As well as outdoor use, these collars can be employed indoors as an essential element in a dog’s training regime overall. They can also assist in helping to break bad habits and change undesirable behaviors. 

There are many ways of using shock collars. They can give a dog positive punishment. This means when the dog displays any undesirable behavior, an electronic stimulus is applied. This helps to reduce the occurrences of unwanted behavior so you end up with the best canine pets. 

They can also be employed to apply negative reinforcements too. Here the electrical stimulation is administered until the dog acts in the desired way. 

If you are bow ready to buy you will find what you are looking for at our section concerning shock collars for dogs - best models at iPetCompanion.

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