5 Ways A City Waste Management App Could Help Business

business benefits city waste management app

The average person produces almost 5 pounds of waste per day according to the EPA. A lot of that waste creation is likely done during office hours leaving your business to deal with a lot of trash. Fortunately, your city's waste management company is there to pick everything up.

Sounds easy, right? But could the process be even easier?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes thanks to rising waste management app popularity.

A waste management app is a tool that your local trash team may offer that has ample features for both business and civilian consumers. Here are a few ways your city's app may be able to help your company operate better.

1. Keep Tabs on What You Owe and How You Pay

Your business is probably liable for a monthly trash bill. Paying that bill each month can be a hassle and tracking what you owe as you potentially schedule additional services can be impossible.

With the help of a waste management app, you can quickly look up what your damage is each month and make payments via any of your multiple payment methods.

2. Opt for Paperless Billing

Feeling self-conscious about the amount of waste you produce? Do the world a favor and produce a little less by opting for paperless billing.

Almost every waste management company application we've seen allows you to go digital when it comes to billing by ticking a quick box within your app's settings.

3. Track Your Truck

It might seem odd to want to know where your trash truck is. If your business has an overflowing dumpster or specialty waste that needs to be carted off though, you may find yourself getting anxious.

Waste management apps tend to come with a tracking feature that allows you to see where your local truck is in real-time!

This feature is extra handy if you need to have a conversation with your sanitation engineer and want to catch them as they come by.

4. Schedule Extra Services

Do you need a heavy or oddly shaped item moved? How about a dumpster rental? There's an app for that!

An increasing amount of waste management apps allow you to schedule and pay for additional services in minutes.

5. Contact Support Easily

Looking up support numbers for waste companies can be a hassle. With a waste management app sitting on your phone, getting in touch with the help you need is often as easy as clicking the support button in your app which will immediately connect your phone to a call center or offer you an option to live chat.

A Quality Waste Management App Is the Piece of Tech You Never Knew You Needed

We get that the world probably isn't clamoring for a waste management app. When your city releases one though and you see all of the ways it can help streamline your life, we're confident that app will become a piece of tech that you didn't know you needed but can't live without!

Check with your city's waste management provider to see if an application exists in your market. Now feel free to read more of the business-centric content on our site to take in more relevant information.

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