3 Factors To Become A Perfect Entrepreneur

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Today I want to talk about the three aspects of becoming the perfect entrepreneur and a more perfect person. I've been on a huge mission to become just very happy, and content with life. And I believe there's three aspects, I'm going to go over those right now. 

The first aspect of becoming the perfect person entrepreneur is financial. Now, there's these systems that I'm going to teach you or the system that I'm going to teach you, you can actually turn on to other people. Because if you're a home based business entrepreneur, then you're going to want to be a coach. You're going to want to teach people how to do these things. And you can benefit from it. Not only will you feel good for helping someone but financially you will be rewarded as well. 

So this is a business endeavor, but it's also a chance or a way to fully develop yourself and finally become happy with your life with everything in your life. So the first aspect is financial. 

1. Financial

Scientists have done research on what is the happy zone for finances, like how much income is enough to really make you happy. This was on TED talks a couple years ago, and the happy medium for someone, it could probably be anywhere in the world, but I think they were doing the average of Americans, and the happy medium was I believe $75,000 a year. Anything past that the curve started to flatten out. 

So the most happy was around making $75,000 a year. Okay, that's about $6250 a month, you don't need $10,000- $20,000 a month unless your overhead is very high. And I'll talk about that a little bit. But $75,000 is the happy place and the average American makes about $55,000 a year, but they're still struggling because their overhead is really high. They have a ton of bills. 

You really have to look at what you're spending your money on. You know, do you have two car payments, maybe you can get it down to one car. 

It might require you to refinance your home, do whatever you can, maybe rent instead of own, maybe travel more. But the thing is, you know, cut up the credit cards, because I believe credit cards are like a form of financial slavery. I do have, I have about three credit cards right now. But I cut one up, and the other two I just paid half off. 

And so that's going to increase my utilization score down to 50% instead of like 98%. Utilization is how much of the credit card you've used and I was using like 98% of the limit. And so I got it down to half. So now my utilization score is 50 which would increase my credit score. 

I'm not a huge fan of the credit score, I think it's just kind of a slightly made up metric just to make us obey and pay our credit cards on time. But it's a racket, but you know, if I do want to buy a house, then I have to look at my credit score and you know, make it nice. 

Anyways, that's the first one: financial. So how are you going to get to that $75,000 a year from home ideally, you're going to teach people about your home business. So I chose Network Marketing, because it provides a residual income every single month. I built a team of people a couple years ago, I taught them how to duplicate my system and recruit their own people. And they started building teams under me. So now I get a passive income stream from that and there's no overhead - I mean, I pay around $160 a month to be a business owner in network marketing, and there's no risk because you can cancel anytime. 

So you would provide your network marketing or, or direct sales or an affiliate marketing product to your clients. If you ever wanted to take on clients, you would promote your home business and teach them how to generate leads or acquire customers. And then you will slowly get to that $6200 a month, which is the happiest area of that income curve. 

2. Physical

The next aspect to become a perfect entrepreneur is physical, because if you don't feel good physically, you can't perform anything else. You can't think straight, you're going to be depressed, you're going to have anxiety. If you drink too much coffee or have too much sugar, you're going to have anxiety, you're going to have aches and pains. 

My wife and I use stevia. We don't even touch sugar. If we want to have something sweet after dinner, we make a stevia treat. So on the physical, you can also promote whatever is working for you physically. And so I just joined a new company, and they have a long line of products that can literally replace meals, their meal replacement shakes along with other teas and supplements can fully transform your body. 

I was feeling very old and wanting to lose 20 pounds and feel alive, and so I'm on a mission to go from 192 down to 170 pounds by July, you know summer is coming up and I want to transform my body because my mind is being affected by my sluggish body. So that is the second aspect. 

You can also turn clients on to products that you use. There's always affiliate programs connected to the products that you love, you can look into affiliate programs around the products that you love. Just type in an affiliate program along with your product name, see if they have anything if they don't have anything then check out another alternative product. 

For example, I don't think they have it but if you love a certain stevia product or a sweetener or some type of tea you can type in the product’s name and then the affiliate program and see if they have anything available, and you can then provide that link to your clients; because if you want to transform their life, you have to do all three aspects. So that is number two, the physical. 

3. Spiritual

The third aspect of being the perfect entrepreneur is spiritual. This is where you get connected to a higher source. This is one of the first steps in 12 step programs to understand is that there is a power greater than yourself, and the whole point of doing that is to say that you are powerless. Because your will can get you in trouble because you just drove your life into a ditch. And that's what happened to me. I was an alcoholic for 16 years. I didn't have any more control over my will. And it got me into a lot of trouble. 

You have to turn your will over to a higher power as you understand him or her or it. It doesn't have to be Jesus. It could be as simple as a light bulb in your home, but you have to redirect your focus off of you to a higher power, whatever you believe that to be. That's the most important aspect. 

I was baptized last summer and I felt amazing, but I still had a lot of demons. They call them hungry ghosts, they will try to come back inside of me even though I'm trying to clean my spirit and become righteous and blameless, which means not sinning. And the hungry ghosts try to come back in and convince you that you're worthless that you still have fear, whatever it may be. 

Spirituality is the ultimate and it's the last aspect in this lesson. And my wife is an energy healer, you can check out her website by searching for Misha Almira. She's all about coaching and doing one on ones and she will provide you the tools and techniques on how to blow out those bad voices or any kind of spirituality issues you might have. 

Be A More Perfect Entrepreneur

So those are the three aspects. I'll leave the links under this article. But you can see how simple you can make this system. And you can input any products or services you want, and help a lot of people change their lives. And it's very fulfilling to see people - to actually have people come up to you and thank you for changing their life is probably the ultimate reason why we're here on this earth. 

So thanks for reading, guys. I hope this helps you guys out there. And you know we're all in this together. Times are crazy during the lockdown - it's just crazy. You just have to push through and build your business!

Thanks for reading. 


Erik Christian Johnson 

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