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Online Roulette is one of the most popular and most played virtual casino games. With a standard house edge of about 5.26% but with a possibility to drop down as low as 1.35%, many players are determined to try their luck. Known as “little wheel” in French, it was invented in the land of the Franks in the 18th century. From then on, it has undergone many changes and upgrades but always manages to provide an intriguing experience and passionate moments. 

Online Roulette Basic Variants 

Every online casino must be able to provide to its users not just roulette but as many roulette variants as possible. The iGaming market these days is quite competitive. Diversification and high quality are the things that will drag in new customers. Essentially, the game consists of a wheel and a sector-divided table. On it, all players must place their wages before the dealer spins the wheel. There’re dozens of betting options but mainly these can be separated into outside and inside bets. 

Depending on the wheel design and some special rules, there are 3 basic online roulette variations. French and the European roulette styles are both with 37 sectors - from “1” to “36” and the “0”. They are pretty much the same. The French roulette differs with some additional player-friendly rules. You may perceive them as insurance or getting a second chance. 

- En Prison - applies for even bets only. If you made one and it is losing after the spin, it remains on the table until the next spin is over. If it wins this time you receive back your stake; 

- Le Partage - it’s applicable for even-money bets only. Every losing wager of that kind is split between the house and the gambler. So you get back 50% of it. 

On the other hand, playing American roulette can bring you stronger emotions. It’s the riskiest among all. There aren’t insurance rules and on top of that, the wheel sectors are 38. There is an additional “00” which increases significantly the house edge. 

Immersive Types Of Online Roulette 

After the huge boom of online gambling, the leading software companies like Evolution Gaming and Playtech developed new immersive variations which mix the live-action with multiply small cameras covering the whole table. That creates a genuine atmosphere for the player and enhances his emotions. 

Another innovation is the Speed table. That version accelerates the process and allows you to play roulette online with up to 50 extra spins every hour. You can also choose native speaking croupiers for your absolute experience. 

Successfully proven in brick-and-mortar casinos, the double-ball roulette is also available online. It was a pure innovation when was initially created. The difference here is that there are two balls instead of one. In addition, the balls are spin not by the dealer but from a custom-designed device with a trigger. There are 2 winning numbers and that opens a lot of new and exciting opportunities in front of players. 

Live Roulette 

Playing roulette against artificial interface is fun but after some time can be boring. So, it was not long after the first casino online was launched when gaming companies started an alternative. For those who appreciate the personal touch and are seeking, live online roulette was invented. You still can participate from the comfort of your home but this time you have a real person in front of you. 

Future Of Online Roulette 

Online roulette games are extremely popular but like any other product, it must always offer something new and thrilling. Software providers are working on that for a long time and it looks that they are able to find how to make the next step. 

By inventing casino iPhone roulette mobile applications a wider range of clients was reached. But still, the customer’s pool is limited and the competition is greater than ever. So, in order to stand out of the rest, some companies invested in the creation and implementation of VR software. 

Virtual reality is exciting and intriguing. It positively can draw people that usually are not interested in gambling. However, the idea is far from realization, yet. Needed hardware is still quite expensive and also some software issues emerge randomly. But it seems that this is the right path and next evolutionary step. 

Final Words On Online Roulette

These days online casinos are flourishing. There are hundreds of available opportunities in front of everyone who has some time to waste. Online roulette is definitely one of the best to choose from. Immersive gameplay, intriguing bets and very good chance to win. Choose your strategy wisely and you can bring home some real profit. Remember though, the initial idea is to play for fun so be responsible!

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