9 Of The Oddest Places You Will Find Logistic Companies

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There are many islands, villages, and other remote areas where even delivery of basic need items is critical but also challenging. Many remote places aren’t connected by roads, seas or air traffic. Still, logistics companies are making greater effort to enhance their reach to such places. Dedicated professionals in the supply chain industry are taking initiative and setting up systems to deliver essential services and supplies to people in remote locations around the globe. 

Chron states, “Remote logistics particularly poses a challenge when you need to make arrangements for procuring, storing and transporting goods in more than one remote area. Dealing with the daily logistical concerns in each place takes a great deal of time. Language barriers can also pose a challenge.” 

Here is a list of the oddest places where logistics companies are doing their best to service: 

1. Tristan Da Cunhas 

Tristan da Cunhas is well known as one of the most remote islands in the entire world. Stats reveal that currently only 297 people are living on this island and they have no access to airports, hotels or restaurants. In order to reach Tristan, logistics companies need to organise a 7-day boat ride. 

2. Tibet

People love to explore the beautiful locations of Tibet; but for the logistics sector, it is a big challenge to ensure adequate delivery of supplies. Large trucks cannot travel on Tibetan roads safely; there is no way to reach many areas of Tibet via marine or air transportation. Therefore, logistics companies must try to deliver essentials with small trucks to better handle the numerous hilly roads. 

3. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Here is another isolated town which is situated in Greenland with an estimated population of around 450 residents. Although many people love to visit Greenland every year, this part of the island is still untouched. Ttoqqortoormiit is best known for it’s beautiful wildlife from arctic foxes and polar bears to seals. There is only one grocery store in this village, and logistics companies somehow make it possible to deliver essentials. 

4. McMurdo Station In Antarctica

Antarctica is another remote destination served by the logistics companies around the world. McMurdo Station is a famous research centre on Ross Island. This place is accessible only for artists, military people, and scientists. Military logistics plays an important role in Antartica. 

5. Easter Island

Easter Island is also known as Rapa Nui. Although this remote destination is a part of Chile, lifestyle and culture differ. Easter Island is famous for its large stone heads that have been standing for several decades. The place is commonly visited by historians and scientists; the only option to get there is by air. Logistics companies make it possible to deliver goods to this remote island using the best 3PL WMS and delivery technology on the market. 

6. Kerguelen Islands

You will find it interesting to discover that the Kerguelen Islands doesn’t have any original inhabitants. Glaciers and Rocky Mountains cover a major part of this Island. It’s a place that is permanently occupied by researchers and scientists. Logistics companies make sure to deliver adequate supplies via ship whenever possible. 

7. Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island is a part of the UK, but the place is so remote that only 50 people are currently residing over there. The government is currently making efforts to motivate other citizens to move there. The Pitcairn island is mostly untouched and is said to be incredibly beautiful. The UK government ensures deliveries are ongoing to support the small population. 

8. Oymyakon, Siberia

Well, here comes the coolest destination on the earth with near-freezing temperatures for logistics businesses. The residents living in Oymyakon have an extremely challenging life. This place is too cold to have any planes; the only option to reach this unique area is by car and the journey takes around 2 days. 

9. Socotra Island

Socotra Island is known for its strange alien-like plants. Like all other remote places, this Island is also difficult to reach for common people. The residents on this island enjoy a unique lifestyle. The logistics companies are dedicated enough to deliver supplies to Socotra Island.

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