Is It Worth Investing In An Electric Car Now?

is it worth investing in an electric car now ev worthwhile

The electric car market is about to get bigger. And as the UK pushes for more aggressive efforts in reducing carbon emissions, consumers have more reason to buy an electric car. Today, hybrid vehicles have become quite mainstream by way of increased recognition and sales. Purely electric cars like the famous Tesla may be a bit out of the general public’s price range, but more affordable options are coming. Other car makers are also embracing electric vehicles as the future of transport. But should you buy an EV now? 

Why Buy An Electric Car? 

There are many considerations to think about before buying an EV. Apart from ordinary concerns such as cost, maintenance, and depreciation, you also have to worry about charging. But, there are several significant benefits to buying an electric car. 

• EV has zero-emission. By the time petrol and diesel cars get banned, you don’t need to worry about making significant adjustments. 

• Apart from investing in an home charger, electric cars are relatively low cost. 

• You can enjoy the latest and most innovative automobile technology. 

• Prices are about to drop as more carmakers release affordable models. 

Most importantly, buying an electric car will help you achieve your goal of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

How Convenient Is It To Charge An Electric Car? 

A majority of EV charging occurs at home. Although most EV’s come with a plug-in charger, you can have a charging station installed. A home charger is more efficient and increases the driving range of your car. Contrary to common assumptions, it’s actually cheaper to charge an EV than to drive a petrol car for the same amount of mileage. 

Apart from home charging, there are also public charging stations available. However, availability may be slightly challenging, depending on where you’re located. If your company has charging stations, you can charge your car while at work. 

Consider Your Driving Requirements 

The day to day commute of an average UK resident is less than five miles. And if you’re driving an electric car, it’s more than capable of meeting your requirements. However, there are a few who commute long distances to and from work. And an electric car with a higher range generally costs more. 

To determine if an electric car is worth the investment, you’ll need to assess accessibility to charging stations anywhere in your commute route. Having the option to rapid-charge your vehicle while on the go is a big help for longer drives. 

Is It Worth The Investment? 

If you’re using an EV for business, there’s a big chance you can claim some incentives for doing so. But, if it’s meant merely for personal use, then you need to consider several factors before making a final decision. 

Final Thoughts On Electric Vehicles

In conclusion, electric cars will be the future of the UK; hence it’s worth thinking about making the change soon. It helps to get accustomed to a new lifestyle so that you can adjust your expectations and test your options as you go. Eventually, as EV technology matures, you’ll have more options to choose from as well as additional help from the government.

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