Is CBD Safe For Your Cat?

is cbd safe for a cat cannabidiol oil safety cats

The high ratings of CBD from various users across the planet are enough to prove its popularity. The compound is now being promoted by major companies, which are making significant profits from selling its products. According to research conducted by homebusinessmag, in efforts to propel its fame further, people who understand CBD are launching websites to create awareness, while acting as affiliates for major CBD brands. 

At the moment, multiple sectors of the cannabis market are producing, branding, and marketing CBD with much success. Some have even come up with ways to incorporate the product in drinks and other consumables. Other sectors, like the pet industry, are still trying to catch up. We have only recently seen a range of CBD products for cats available to purchase for pet owners. You will find many pet owners in forums asking whether phytocannabinoid is safe for their cats. 

With the safety of your cat in mind, this piece on feline CBD use safety is going to help answer that question conclusively. However, it is appropriate to first answer the following question for your kitties:

Is Cannabidiol Safe For Cats? 

The relationship between CBD and pets is magical. Just like in humans, CBD may do wonders for your pets, especially when used correctly. It means the strain from marijuana is safe for your cat. Now that you have the answer, you need to comprehend that a variety of vets are already prescribing CBD for many pets. That is because the compound seems to contain various beneficial characteristics that most medicinal plants don’t. Vets are, therefore, prescribing CBD to help treat certain agonizing conditions in cats. 

Some of the things the cannabinoid plant extract may assist with for felines include: 

1. Reducing Pain 

Pain in cats may emanate from different areas and due to distinct reasons. What is certain is cats that are in pain display a variety of behavioral changes. Some of the common modifications in behavior include agitation and extreme licking of the area. Some cats even decline petting and become less jovial. Thankfully, by introducing a cannabis strain like CBD in the cat's system, it may play a notable role in masking the pounding pain.

2. Combating Anxiety 

Cats are more likely to experience anxiety or increased fear. Sometimes the condition may result due to a past event that affected it psychologically (like neglect by the owner). With such a condition, it becomes arduous for a cat to live a regular and healthy life. By taking CBD, your cat may regain its sociable features thanks to the sedative properties of the cannabis strain. So, you should treat your pets to some CBD products by in case they develop the condition. A single drop may deliver transformational effects. 

3. Relieving Dementia 

Humans are not the only individuals who start losing their memory as they get old. That is because cats are also likely to develop dementia. It is the condition that leads to loss of memory in both humans and pets. A reputable source states that 50 percent of cats develop dementia when they become old. Therefore, they may start crying frequently and abnormally and relieve themselves anywhere. Some may even seek more attention than normal, and that can be quite hectic. Such a personality may benefit greatly from the phytocannabinoid. You should, therefore, enquire from a veterinarian to determine the right CBD oil compound to consider for such a condition.

4. Decreasing Inflammation 

Many pets experience chronic or mild inflammation, depending on the cause. Just like other animals, cats can become subjects to the condition. In most cases, that happens to cats as a result of cat food. So, if you feed them too many calories than required, your cat may become stressed as a result. If your cat is stressed due to such a condition, then CBD may offer assistance and ease the condition. The extract reduces the sensitivity of certain cat receptors, and that may moderate inflammation to a significant amount. 

Cannabinoid Dosage Suitable For Cats 

Many influences play a role when it comes to determining the dosage requirements your cat needs for its condition. Some of the determinants include cannabidiol strength, popularly known as potency, combined with its weight. For desirable results, use full-spectrum CBD oil products. This is because they guarantee a higher potency that will ensure efficiency and functionality. 

You should then consider administering the pet CBD dosage depending on the cat’s total weight. For example, you need to give your cat a dose of 0.3mg for every kilogram. 

If your cat weighs 4 kgs, you should give it 0.8 mg of the compound. The frequency should be twice every day, preferably in the morning and evening. In case your cat doesn’t indicate any effects, add a 0.5mg to the initial CBD dosage, and wait for a reaction. You have to keep upping the dose until the cat exhibits positive results. Remember, you shouldn’t increase the CBD oil dosage once, but instead do it over time for your feline friend. 

Administration Method 

A crucial aspect that most people ignore is the administration technique of the cannabinoid. When picking a method, be sure that your cat is receptive. You also need a system that will give you an easy time gauging the dose. Most people find oil to be convenient because they can easily balance the dosage with a dropper. It is also much easier to initiate than most methods. You can also apply CBD treats and administer the compound using cat food. Once you figure out the dosage and the method of dispensing, what remains is to start medicating various health conditions. After some time, your cat should display wellness signs and start acting normally. 

CBD For Your Cat

In some sense, cats get similar benefits from the phytocannabinoid as dogs. The difference is insignificant and mostly occurs in the dosage the two furry animals take. Ideally, seek guidance from an experienced veterinarian. Prioritize your inquiries to the type of CBD oil product you should seek, the dosage, and the ideal dispensing system. If your pet is on a different medication, ask the veterinarian whether it is ok to introduce CBD oil Canada or if it should finish the initial dosage. These are vital details that can help a first-timer avoid mistakes and harming their pet. Once everything is perfect, and the doctor gives you the green light, you can merrily introduce the phytocannabinoid to your cat now that you know it is safe. 

Cat Cannabidiol Conclusion

So is CBD safe for your cat? The evidence seems to point to yes, CBD oil is safe for pets such as cats. So stock up on cannabidiol products for your feline friends right now. Cat CBD is here to stay!

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