Is A Vehicle Wrap Worth It?

is a vehicle wrap worth it car wraps business advertising

Have you ever dreamed of having a cool and unique car? Or are you a business owner and you want additional advertising for your company? If you answer yes to any of these two questions, maybe it is time to consider car wraps

What Is A Vinyl Wrap? 

A vehicle vinyl wrap is a usual practice in vehicles that either completely or partially covers the original paint. It can be using a different color or the same color as your original paint. It can also be using a different design altogether that suits your taste or your desired theme or taste. 

The finish can either be gloss or matte. The vinyl car wraps protect the original vehicle paint. It is 100% removable. 

Personalize Your Car Through Vehicle Wrap 

Tired of the usual car paint colors? If your car is a common one and is massively produced, chances are you will have the same car in a parking lot. Have you ever had that moment where you went to a car you thought is yours and it turns out it is not? 

So one good solution to make a really unique car is through using a vinyl wrap. Have you seen flashy cars that have been designed like a futuristic car? How about a “Transformer-inspired” design vehicle? 

Make your car really cool and highly personalized through a fully customized car wrap that suits your taste and style. 

Commercial Use 

If you own a company and you have salespeople, you can add a vinyl wrap to put the logo of your company and your slogan. This can easily make your company car easily identifiable. With a marking on the car, your employees will also make sure they properly use the car and bring it only to legitimate work-related places. 

Another example of vinyl wrap use is for food trucks. Normally, these food trucks are mobile and go from one area or one event to another. By fully branding the truck, this can increase brand awareness and trial for the company. 

Advertising Your Brand 

Many companies and brands nowadays even hire car owners to transform their car into an advertising unit. They lease out certain cars for a period of time to align with an advertising campaign or a promo period. 

Fully wrapping the vehicle with the brand or company name is a common practice. You can hire an agency to do this for you and look for car owners to allow usage of their cars. 

Advantages Of Vinyl Wrap 

A vehicle vinyl wrap serves as an additional layer of protection to the car. It is easy to remove. Plus, it costs a lot cheaper than having to repaint the entire vehicle. If the vehicle wrap is really unique, cool, and done well, it can add to the resale value of the vehicle. 

If you still decide to remove it, later on, it is safe. You can still restore the vehicle to its original color prior to the wrap. 

Importance Of A Good And Quality Vehicle Wrap 

Having a good and quality vinyl wrap can protect the original paint better. It can preserve the quality of the original paint underneath the wrap. Depending on how you take care of the vehicle and the quality of the wrap, the vinyl wrap can even last for 5 years. Make sure you use a vinyl wrap from a reliable and reputable company. 

Make sure you use a branded and premium vinyl wrap designed for vehicles. Before embarking on starting the vehicle wrap, check the brand name of the vinyl wrap so you will be assured that your vehicle wrap can last longer. 

Warranty Period Of Vinyl Wraps 

The warranty period is normally within three to five years. Make sure you use the vinyl wrap within the warranty period allowed. 

Why is this important to remove the wrap within the warranty period? While the vinyl wrap can last beyond five years, note that as it ages, the wrap can be more difficult to remove. 

Is your car also using original factory paint? The longevity of a wrap also depends on the paint underneath it. An original factory paint is recommended before putting on a vinyl wrap. You can still put a vinyl wrap on any type of paint, even a poor re-paint job. However, when you remove the car vinyl wrap on poor quality paint, it might have some damage to that paint. 

Another factor to consider in the warranty is the brand name of the vinyl. If you are using a branded good quality vinyl wrap, removing this within the warranty period is very easy. You can even remove it yourself. For those using unbranded vinyl wraps or cheaper quality ones, removing them may be a bit of a challenge. Also, removing a poor quality unbranded vinyl wrap might bring damage to the paint underneath it. 

That's A Wrap

If you have never considered a car wrap in the past, why not give it a go? It has so many advantages and is truly worth it! It will make your vehicle unique. It is relatively less expensive than a full body paint. You can even change it as often as you want if you like a different look every year or every few years! 

Just make sure you use a quality and branded vinyl wrap. Use it within the warranty period. Take care of your car. If you follow these simple tips, you cannot go wrong with a vinyl wrap! Try one now and be the king of the road!

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