How Business Owners Save Time And Money

how busy business owners save time and money

Business owners are usually overworked, but they don't have to be. That's because there are many ways, in the modern computer age, to cut corners on expenses and tasks for the sole purpose of saving time and money. Just think how much more productive, and rested, you'll be if you implement at least two of the following time saving and money saving tips: 

Outsource As Many Tasks As Possible 

Stick to whatever it is you do best in business to save money. For example, if you are a hair stylist, focus your energy on giving your clients the very best service possible. Don't waste your time on chores where your expertise is lacking, like tax preparation, budgeting, marketing, and website design. If you are a one or two-person shop, try to find local talent that can take care of your tax filings and financial record keeping. Many small CPA firms will offer you a discount just to earn your long-term loyalty. Likewise, consider hiring a local MBA student to work up a marketing and advertising plan for you. 

And if you need help with a basic website, hire a technical wiz from the local high school or college to do the job. For very low fees, you can get all your essential core business tasks taken care of by competent, eager workers. This tip saves you time and money

Use Barter Instead Of Buying Products And Services 

This is a money saving ploy that works wonders, especially if you have a service to trade, like massages, barbering, web design, or something others often seek out. You can even join one of the many national networks that will hook you up with people have what you need and need what you have. This brilliant, effective technique was pioneered by dentists decades ago. 

Back in the 1960’s, small groups of dental professionals offered free dental work in exchange for office space, secretarial help, tax preparation, and other kinds of help. This can help to save a lot of money for everyone involved, but it is admittedly a lot more complex now with insurance companies being so dominant and higher liabilities for all businesses.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online 

Even though many states still require citizens to show up in person to apply for a medical marijuana (MMJ) card, several U.S. states have started a trend toward allowing people to fill out application forms online. In many states, like Oklahoma for example, obtaining a card is as easy as applying from the comfort of your computer, laptop, or smartphone. In a few days you will open your mailbox to find your ready to use medical marijuana card. How much time does this method save compared with the in-person options? Probably two to three hours at least, especially when you consider travel time. 

Work From Home One Day Per Week 

You'll save time and money by working from home just one day each week. This is a helpful exercise for owners who need to learn how to use video conferencing software, give their brains a breather on a regular basis, and cut down on fuel expenses. When you force yourself to try out the work from home system, don't be surprised if you discover new ways of doing things, sharpen your phone skills, and make new connections in the telecommuting community.

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