6 Top Automotive Marketing Strategies

top automotive marketing strategies selling cars online

One of the biggest challenges facing automotive marketers is winning the confidence of their leads. After all, a marketer's job is to help bring leads through the door so that the sales team has people to sell to. 

But in such a competitive market where the buyer needs to make a careful and major financial decision, it’s never a cakewalk for marketers. 

Here are 6 automobile marketing strategies you can use this year to drive more sales. 

Gain Trust With Social Proof 

Reviews are perhaps the most successful marketing tool possible for the automotive industry. As an automobile marketer, you not only need to make sure you get positive feedback, but you need to go above them and guarantee that these favourable reviews are everywhere they can be. From Yelp to Twitter, From Facebook to paid social ads, from your newsletters to your own website - make sure to cover all of your bases! 

By publishing your client success stories complete with their photos (even better, if they’re videos), you build trust with your business prospects. There's no better way to instil trust when it comes to auto marketing than to let your consumers talk for you! 

Be At The Top Of Google SERPs 

Google is your first line of protection, so you need to find your way to the top. 

The first few listings often attract the most hits and making sure you're in the best spots is key to the success of your automotive ads.Your Google advertising plan needs to be incredibly successful in achieving that objective. 

So how do you get to the top of the list without spending a fortune? 

There are strategies that work well with Google and which can help you float to the first pages - without having to break the bank. 

Getting a good digital dealership marketing for cars is a great place to start! 

Bid On Competitor Keywords 

While we’re on the subject of targeting Google’s top pages, please keep in mind to avoid obvious keywords like ‘new Hyundai Santa Fe.’ 

In addition, set up an automotive marketing strategy to counter the competition. 

It is a fierce and tough environment in automotive advertising, and being able to turn up with convincing ad copy any time the competitor does is crucial. 

While I wouldn't recommend saying anything negative or using the name of your competitor in your ad copy (which Google could penalize you for), you should bid on your top competitor brand names and create highly persuasive advertisements that will direct leads to your website over your competition. 

Target The Right Demographics With Your Automotive Campaigns 

Specific targeting markets for vehicles need to be broken down and addressed separately. 

Knowing the key issues that the audience cares about is a vital way of delivering the right message to the right user and increasing the rate of conversion. 

When possible, segment your viewers into two, three, or even four different categories for better compelling messaging to the right prospects. 

Offer Unique And Eye-Catching Offers 

Ask yourself: Why should anyone buy a car from you, and not the other automotive guy down the street - or even one that has a better location and price tag? 

A critical part of your automobile business campaign is to persuade your prospects to prefer you over your rivals. 

If there are no clear ‘whys’, such as having the lowest costs or the highest ratings, think about any special rewards and deals that prospects can’t ignore. 

For example, for the first two years, you could offer all new car buyers a 5% discount, or maybe free oil changes. 

Incentives are always perfect, build a sense of urgency and inspire customers to shop from you before they lose out on an exclusive time-limited bid. 


Remarketing helps you lower your abandonment rate and close more sales by showing enticing display advertisements to customers who have previously visited your site. 

The prospects are reminded that your products or offers are still available, and the ad copy then guides them through the process. 

Next, try offering them a good deal to get them inside the store - physical or online. This will ensure that you connect them with helpful company representatives. 


With these useful automotive marketing strategies, your automotive marketing plans should take off on turbo speed - and your sales team will be delivering new leads in no time!

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