Top Software Engineering Trends

top software engineering trends

This past year we’ve already seen many changes in the world of technology. The software engineering trends have been flowing like water and there is nothing that can stop the evolution from happening. 

This year is going to be amazing. There are a lot of software engineering companies who have been in the trends. But the most significant that is spotted in our radar is Erbis. 

Erbis is a custom software engineering development company. It consists of Ukrainian IT talents and UK business acumen. They specialize in software solutions tailored to the innovations. It is sensible that they are able to adapt to the new trends. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the emerging trends in software engineering and how Erbis enterprise software development company can fit to these. 

The Trending Of Python And Many New Languages 

Erbis has always been evolving from time to time. As a software engineering development company, they have always updated their resources and skills with the programming languages. 

With the rising of Python and other new languages, it has become a normal routine for Erbis to offer such options. 

Python for instance, comes with Erbis offers which can fit most of the modern development requirements. This includes the coverage for mobile development, web development, as well as enterprise projects. According to Erbis services, Python is distinct because of its fantastic ability to procure mathematical operations, machine learning, data analysis, as well as neural network building. Besides Python, there are new languages that also come in the equation such as Swift, Rust, TypeScript, Go, etc. 

Cloud Computing 

There are many parties involved in the cloud computing trends. Not only that it is a pivotal aspect for big businesses, many startups have also turned to cloud computing. the conventional organizations and institutions, even governments have been turning to this trend too. 

Regardless of the challenging pandemic that global has been facing lately, it is very possible to see the peak of the trend by the end of the year. We can expect to see the huge waves of cloud computing transition and migration from the on-premises to the full cloud, or at least hybrid (the combination of cloud and on-premises). 

And this happens not only in the big countries, but also all around the world. 

Many startups have enabled cloud computing to improve their productivity. With such increasing demands of cloud computing services, the software engineering companies also often put cloud computing services as their staple offer. 

While it is software engineering trends today for most parts of the world, it is not new for Erbis company. Erbis Cloud services have been around for years. They have been conducting the cloud services for years even before the trends are rising. 

The Micro Services Trends 

Micro services have also been considered as one of the most significant current software trends recognizations. The businesses, startups, and concerned organizations are turning to the micro services because they are open to scaling possibilities. As we know, the monolith architecture has been proven to be hard to get scaled up. And to overcome these problems, the software engineering companies like Erbis have been offering the micro services which allow the clients to scale up as they need. 

The micro services provided by Erbis also come with tons of irreplaceable advancements. 

Besides providing full stack services, Erbis also breaks the functionality into manageable sections. This will give the leverage for Erbis’ clients to update one function to another, without risking the entire system to crash. 

JavaScript Is Still Trending 

It is not exaggerating to say that the Java language has been evergreen. At this moment we are writing this article, JavaScript is still the top language for web development. And it will always be in the future if there is no one who can replace the throne. 

JavaScript frameworks are basic for some software engineering development companies like Erbis. The top software trends is not shocking because Erbis consists of senior software engineers. As expected from seniors, they are ready to serve their clients with JavaScript services for their ample web development. 

5G Network 

5G Network has been lurking for a long time. The tech avid fans have been waiting for the realization in their country to welcome the 5G network. While the technology is on the rise, the latest trends in software engineering has just started. For Erbis, that also means that the connection ability will significantly be much better than before. All of the users will be able to conduct the online activities around the world without significant barriers. 

In this point, Erbis has shown their interest in exploring all of the possibilities of the 5G network with the new applications. There will be time when this networking technology conducts in the mainstream environment. 

The Internet Of Things And Its Smart Connectivity 

It is undeniable that the internet of things have been disrupting some industries. Gone are the days when the traditional applications like smart homes are only exclusive to several people. Starting now, that exclusiveness is no longer viable. 

Erbis company is aware about the value of the Internet of things. We still remember back then that the real-time information was really dependent upon human resources. But it is not anymore. 

Top Software Engineering Trends Of Today And Tomorrow

Industries on every scale will really need smarter ways of communication. Not to mention that the software industries that are dealing with tons of devices, databases, equipment, and so on. The software engineering development companies like Erbis can help the clients to work on that. It is now very easy to connect one party to another. To make sure that everyone is on the same page, a sharable workflow is also possible. Erbis will make it possible for you and your business software engineering needs.

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