How To Perform A Home Inspection Houston

how to perform home inspection houston house inspector

Hiring a professional home inspector is a pretty serious affair. The expert will be able to tell you whether your property is safe or has structural defects in different parts of the building. It is needless to say that your house helps you stay safe and secure inside. In turn, it takes the bulk of the wrath of Mother Nature for you and your family. 

As a result of this, it can easily wear out over the years. If you do not repair it on a timely basis, it can easily break down and cause some serious injuries or even death. Thus, in order to stay safe for a really long time, it will be good to get your home checked after a definite period of time. 

Check On Your Own First 

It will not be a bad idea to inspect your house on your own first before you hire a professional home inspector says Houston Home Inspection Company. This will actually help you get an idea whether your property is really worth a professional inspection. Here are some tips to help you inspect your home properly. 


One of the best areas to start your inspection is the plumbing section of your house. You can test the different pipes and drains to find out whether there are any plumbing issues at home or not. Check for leakages and also make sure to run the faucets toc heck for clogged drains. 


Since the roof is the most ignored section of your house, it will be a good thing to inspect this part, as well. You will be surprised to know that leaks and sometimes water damages can even come from within the house itself. Checking the roof will help you ensure that nothing is leaking and you do not require any major repair work to be done on the roof. 


The basement is probably one of those few areas at home that experiences various types of water leak issues of its own. It is important for you to understand that basement water damages can be caused by 2 different sources. These are water seeping in from outside and humidity condensing indoor on different cold surfaces. If the water is coming in from outside, that may mean that the drain is not functioning properly. If you notice water damages in the basement of your house, it will be a good idea to check the source as soon as possible. 

Flooring, Ceiling, And Walls 

When it comes to the walls, flooring, and the ceiling of your house, the main thing to check is mold and water damages. Discolored spots or water damages in these areas would signify that you need to be on your guard and practice caution. Any type of water damage that is visible may signify possible danger to the walls of your house. It may also cause serious issues to the insulation of your house. Any damages to the insulation and the walls of your house may mean proper inspection and loads of repair work before the damages can be rectified.

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