How Technical Support Quality Can Affect Your Web Hosting Experience

tech support quality impacts web hosting experience website host performance

When buying a web hosting plan, there are only a few things you can compromise on and sound technical support isn't one of them. In fact, it is at the heart of your web hosting experience. It is not surprising because hosting is a technical exercise even for one who is fairly experienced in website management. No matter the kind of web hosting you subscribe to, you will still need a reliable customer support team to provide excellent services anytime you need them. When it comes down to it, you need web hosts with the longest refund guarantees to protect yourself and to show that the website hosting company is reputable.

The often crippling downtime websites experience due to unresponsive technical support isn't the only consequence of poor or nonexistent support. If you sign up with a web hosting service with poor technical support, you will be exposing your business to an endless cycle of harm from many angles. Here, we will show you why technical support quality can make or break your web hosting experience by explaining the benefits of a quality one and the downsides of a poor one. But first, read this Dreamhost review from 2015 to learn about why it is the smartest web hosting option for your business website.

How Quality Tech Support Can Improve your Web Hosting Experience 

Studies show that 40% of businesses are more inclined to pay more in order to get sound technical support. Many businesses generate much of their revenue online and the foundation of any online presence is web hosting. Research also shows that 80% of businesses cut ties with web hosting companies due to little or no technical support. This shows that quality customer support is at the heart of the web hosting experience and in many ways too. 

Good Web Hosting Features 

A good web host such as Openhost NZ’s technical support provides you with sound advice on any aspect of web hosting especially on particular features. You might be aware of some of the features and can easily make informed choices but some, which are equally important to your web hosting experience, could be beyond your expertise. For instance, one of the decisions you may have to make is choosing between merged hosting or the one where website hosting and email hosting are done separately. 

An excellent tech support team will show you why separate hosting is much better as it allows your website more space as opposed to creating website problems for yourself by having both on the same server. They will even go as far as drawing a detailed plan for you to ensure you have all the information you need to achieve a hitch-free web hosting experience. 

Reliable Support 

The tech support of your web hosting company can make or break your hosting experience through uninterrupted support or the lack of it. In times of crisis, your business will need to contact them as soon as possible to mitigate damage. Every web hosting service has standard packages they offer which also reflect in their customer support. However, the great ones ensure they listen to understand clients’ needs and customize the packages they are offering them. 

Quick Solutions That Work 

There is no web host that can provide you with a 100% error-proof hosting service. Now, imagine your website has been invisible because of an error and your visitors can't see you. Naturally, they will go to your competition. Once your target begins moving from your site to another, it will affect your revenue significantly especially if the problem is protracted. With a good web hosting support service, you get to quickly mitigate the problem before it causes any significant damage. They will always be available to take your queries to help solve any problem you may have. 

Commitment And Delivery 

A good web hosting package isn't a one-off deal. Every plan comes with a few commitments and promises from the host. It is the job of a professional tech support team to deliver on those. The ability of the support team to deliver these facilities to the customer on time is what sets an inefficient web hosting service apart from the professional ones. A good web hosting support service boosts your business, whether it is delivery on unlimited bandwidths or a malware removal service. 

How Poor Tech Support Can Ruin Your Web Hosting Experience 

People notice tech support but never really celebrate it for what it truly is. When it comes to web hosting, the goal of customer support is to make sure everything is running and to solve any problem that arises fast. When this service is inadequate or not provided, you might feel that owning a website is frustrating, to say the least. If you end up with a web hosting company that offers poor tech support, it will affect your business in the following ways. 

Loss Of Revenue 

For great revenue generation, you need a working website, good product and services and a strong marketing campaign. Poor tech support can break your web hosting experience which is the backbone of your website. No matter how strong the other components are (product/services and marketing campaign), if your website support team is not up to the task, it will directly impact your revenue. 

Web Users Want Fast And Responsive Sites

Therefore, if you constantly experience difficulties, especially when these aren't resolved on time, even your loyal customers will leave to find someone else. If you aren't growing towards being an authority in your industry, not only will your visitor quota not grow, it will begin to decline. For new visitors, first impression matters and delay in your page loading time will surely make that the lasting impression. People associate the performance of your site with the capabilities of your business. 


Downtime is something many websites experience, but that isn't any excuse to be going through it every now and then. Visitors find it irritating and they consider such websites as unprofessional. If downtime is long, it is as though your website is not on the internet. It is the duty of a professional tech support team to always be available to help solve problems. 

Safety Concerns And Security Issues 

If you don't have quality tech support, you will have a horrible web hosting experience. There are lots of security concerns and security issues on the internet today. Every day, newer threats are emerging which are beyond the expertise of most webmasters; the technology the hackers use is cutting-edge. This means that any loophole in your site’s security could ruin your business. 

When it comes to running your business online, there is no such thing as a "small security threat". Even the least malignant ones can expose sensitive business information and put it in the wrong hands. A strong tech team, even though the hosts that offer them tend to be more expensive, have all the resources and tools available to them to combat any threat you cannot manage on your own and recommend best practices to keep your site safer

Low Ranking 

Bad tech support will have you enduring web hosting issues that will lower your search rankings and consequently affect your reputation and your business. Signing up with the wrong web host who doesn’t provide reliable customer support will compromise your traffic and make you lose your customers. With all the above drawbacks, the result is a decline in search ranking and as the problems that have caused it continue to fester, your site will continue to rank lower for all your target keywords. 

Tech Support & Web Hosting Go Together 

It might cost you more but the right kind of tech support will give you a good web hosting experience which means a secure and high performing website. On the other hand, poor customer support will not only break your web hosting experience but will damage your business by negatively affecting your revenue and damaging your brand reputation. This shouldn't be surprising as web hosting is at the heart of the operation of your website and good tech support guarantees its performance.

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