10 Key Features Of Great Web Hosting Services

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Web hosting services can either attract potential customers or scare away the existing ones. The quality of services define whether you can grow as a company because your website’s performance and ranking, all depends on the web hosting you opt. 

Web hosting services are there to boost your company or business. They link your business to the server and so that it is accessible on the Internet to connect you with the world. Word of mouth via your website is sure to land you major money. So you need to have a web host that offers solid features to plummet online marketing. 

To deal with a fiercely competitive market, you need to digitize your business through web hosting services. Hence, it is vital for you to hire the right kind of web hosting services or it can prove to be detrimental to your company. 

Let’s take a look at 10 most important features of great web hosting services. 

1. Need For Speed 

Being an avid Internet user, you must realize the role played by speed in determining the impression of a website. If you open a site on the Internet and its load time is delayed, you are likely to get frustrated in the first three seconds and chances are that you will close the tab in exasperation. 

Contrarily, a fast website will satisfy the user and make them impressed by your services. If the viewer’s attention is lost, you will face monetary loss. 

Furthermore, a website with less loading time will lower your operating costs as well. So the speed in your web hosting service is crucial for your business and for better user experience and user retention. 

2. Better Safe Than Sorry 

A web hosting service which is not safe and secure is of no use for a business. What is the point of putting up your data and information on the Internet if you cannot secure it? 

Your content must be handled carefully in confidentiality. If this is not the case, you will face security breaches every now and then, reducing the credibility of both your content and services. If it is continuously hacked, your customers will question your credibility, which in turn might ruin your business. 

Hire a service that tackles with such situations swiftly and efficiently without creating a fiasco as it may be calamitous for your brand image. Install cyber tool to detect and identify breaches and run your daily web operations through security checks. Cyber security tools must be adapted by your servers. 

3. Technical Support 

Your web host must realize how important your data and content is to you. They must handle it as if it is their own. Your web host must have an email id or a live chat that’s available 24/7/ so that you are not losing out on your customers. 

If for instance, a plugin is crashed or some other technical problem arises, they must offer you t quick support. There must not be any delays, otherwise your business may suffer. 

4. Backup 

As much ease as the digital age has brought into our lives, it does not come without perils. Any virus or bug or some simple malfunctioning can ruin your website in a few seconds. For this, you must be prepared. 

Your website host must have backup of all your files and content so when a compromising situation arises, they can get your website up and running in no time. Also, they can provide you with another set of your backup files for more safety. 

5. Room For Growth 

One of the most important things to consider while hiring a web hosting service is to keep your prospective growth in mind. Obviously, you will need complex servers or may be multiple servers for your growing business. 

Such needs can only be met by the hosts who know that your business may grow and they will have to keep up with the pace. So, hire the web hosting service that is able to cater to your growing needs and is not scared of your progress. In fact, they enable it with greater efficiency. 

6. Email Services Included 

Many web hosts offer email services in their contracts. Emails are essential to a business –promoting a brand and increasing its online visibility. Hence, their management is crucial for your site hosts as well. 

The features offered in these services include more than just sending and receiving emails. They should be able to filter the emails, filter out any spam or unnecessary promotional content, and help you to share files easily. 

These factors augment the quality of services provided by your website and make you popular with your users. Moreover, an ample amount of storage can also be provided to boost user experience and convenience. 

7. Compatible Hardware And Software 

If you utilize web hosting services and now owing to some growth or changes in your business, you need another server, there are a few things to consider before switching to new server or host. 

The new host must be made aware of your old software usages as it will help them make sure that the new host’s systems will be compatible with your software. Sometimes, when you change your host, the software you use is incompatible with the hardware and this causes time wastage, monetary losses and mitigated user trust. More can be read here.

8. At The Right Price 

Finding the web hosting services at the right price is quite a decision. This is because obviously you need to be under the budget and hiring an expensive host will cause a strain on your finances. 

However, you also want top class services provided which are not really available in just a few dollars. So, having the right balance between the quality of services and a reasonable price is extremely important for your company. 

Most companies often look for hosting services that are free but you should do a research on how much a new website costs, so that you can negotiate for hosting services that offers you all the resources required to operate a website. 

9. Continuous Monitoring 

The host for web services must assume full responsibility of taking care of the content you post on your website. They must be able to monitor all the activities on your site and make sure that everything is running smoothly. 

If a glitch occurs, they must be able to address it as soon as possible so the user experience is not compromised in any way. The progress and shortcomings must be monitored daily and closely by your hosts. 

10. Focus On Experience 

Your hosts must focus all their efforts on the user experience that your website offers. They must make sure that the website is fully functional and effective with the users. They do not have to undergo frustration while using your website. 

Also features can be added to your website that enrich user time on your site. The more you ensure customer retention to your webpage, the greater revenues you receive. The host must do their research to make the site more appealing to the users.

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