How Fast Delivery Culture Is Changing The Way Companies Are Having To Do Business

how fast delivery culture customer changes way company does business

The impact of the global economic crisis grows every day. The pandemic has changed the way that companies are having to operate, with brands evolving in different ways and connecting with customers at speed. 

Having been forced to go virtual, many businesses are for the first time catering for ‘right now’ customers despite the trend happening for several years for some across all kinds of industries. New technologies, mobile, social and always-on connectivity have empowered consumers to get access to information and services on-demand. This anytime-anywhere convenience is seeping into every corner of our lives, but it comes at a price as it makes us less patient. 

People now crave immediacy and revel in instant gratification with the true extent of this shopping behaviour revealed in a new report. 

Research findings show that more that 83% of consumers admit they are impatient, while almost one in five hate waiting for anything and 44% said nothing is more frustrating that wasting time. Nearly three quarters of those surveyed said that they have become less patient in recent years. 

It seems the behaviour is beyond the point of no return as convenience has become a competitive advantage. Today’s brands are not just competing on the availability of products or services, but on the speed with which they can get items to people’s doors. Delivery services are a good example of those companies that have succeeded, as Uber, Ebay and Amazon have been leading the way in the on-demand economy for years along with promotional products retailers that offer next day delivery

Having a competitive edge over a rival business means staying afloat and exceeding expectations especially when a fast delivery culture among shoppers is changing the way companies are having to do business. Customers want products and services now, if not yesterday. In other words, you need to be there, be quick, be useful for a highly connected, mobile self-interested customer.

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