How Do I Transfer Money With PayPal?

how to transfer money with paypal

Although there are so many eWallets and similar services on the network today, PayPal somehow remains one of the first choices for most of us. Things are pretty simple here. This is an established service, which is in business for many years and which has proved itself as a secure and relatively fast and convenient service. Even though many new names in the business offer lower fees and are generally more payable, PayPal still holds a leading position, especially when it comes to small amounts. In this area, PayPal has no match. Therefore, here is a quick explanation of how to transfer money with PayPal. 

There are some areas where transactions with PayPal are harder to come by, for example in online casinos and similar niches. New Zealand has their own casino legislation, so casino enthusiasts in New Zealand will have to stick with some other methods of transactions for the time being (source: 

Of course, we should make a difference between two things in this case. The first thing is sending money to other PayPal users, while the other one is transferring your funds to other platforms and banks, such as Payoneer etc. 

When it comes to sending money to other PayPal users, things are extremely simple. This is the best way for eBay shopping and similar things, but it can also be pretty good if you want to send money to your friend or family, especially when it’s about smaller amounts. 

As we already mentioned, things are pretty simple here. All you need to do is to click “Send & Request on the top of the page. You will have to select one of three offered options. Those are “Pay for goods and services”, “Send to friends and family in the US”, or “Send to friends and family internationally”. Keep in mind that fees can be different in each case

Once you’ve selected one of three offered options, you will need to enter the email address or phone number to whom you’re sending the money. Finally, enter the exact amount you want to send. Once you do all this, the recipient will get an email that lets him know about the payment. If the person doesn’t have a PayPal account, the email will also consist of details about how to open a PayPal account. 

Sometimes, you would want to withdraw your funds from your PayPal account and transfer to your bank account, Payoneer account or something third. A good thing to know is that things are pretty simple here as well. 

On your PayPal page, you will find the “Payments” menu. There you will find “Link a new bank” options. Click on it and you will have to enter routing & account number. Once you’ve done this, Paypal will send you two different payment amounts to your account. All you need to do is to go to the PayPal confirmational page, where you can link PayPal account to your bank, Payoneer or any other account. After that, you can transfer money from PayPal to other accounts. 

As you can see, things are pretty simple here, as nothing more than a couple of steps is required. Therefore, there’s no reason why you should link your PayPal account and transfer money to other platforms as well.

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