9 Key Real Estate Marketing Materials You Must Have

real estate marketing materials

Marketing materials represent your real estate business and can bring leads for future commissions. Missing out on the most essential ones could cause you to leave money on the table. 

The real estate market goes through lots of ups and downs. It is dependent on many factors like economic conditions, interest rates and job growth. Thankfully, there are tons of strategies both starters and experts can use to propel their business forward. 

In this article, we examine the 9 top real estate marketing materials you need to expand your business. 

1. A Real Estate Website 

A website can determine whether or not you succeed in the real estate business. Websites are often considered the first realtor marketing materials you need to expand your contact database and attract new leads. A real estate website such as Property Stream is not only a solid lead generator, but also acts as a branding tool for your company. 

Your website should be unique to attract potential target clients. Some of the real estate website best practices include providing valuable content and optimizing your site for search engines. 

To optimize your agency website, make sure you include things like IDX property, bio page, blog, community information, contact forms and CTA’s (call-to-action). You should also consider placing newsletter signup boxes to attract prospects who you will send emails later. 

2. Brochures 

Brochures are a cost-effective and efficient way to spread information about your real estate business. They can be used to inform you about the services you provide and why a client needs them. Brochures vary in sizes, allowing you to include detailed information. Marketing brochures usually work well with prospects who have prior knowledge about the property market. For example, people who often look for property to buy will likely read brochures from reputable companies. Try using clear text, minimalist aesthetics and attractive colors for the best results. 

3. Social Media 

If you run a real estate business and aren’t using social media to promote your company, you are losing out. The use of social media as a marketing tool is inexpensive. Yet it’s one of the most effective ways of reaching potential customers. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are some of the top platforms you should consider using to market your listings. Pinterest is also a helpful tool you can use to point users to your website. Even TikTok and Snapchat could help these days for realty marketing. Learn about social media marketing and develop a strategy for your company. 

4. Real Estate Mailers 

Whether flyers or postcards, real estate direct mailers offer a great way to deliver something tangible and branded to potential customers. Making sure our business is seen in many households in your area and providing valuable information can increase your firm area’s market share. 

One of the real estate agent mistakes is disregarding the use of the more conventional real estate postcards. Note that some firm areas attract higher ROI from print than from any digital marketing source. 

Also, most agents who use these mailers agree they work well in planting a seed of interest within their local market. Postcards can be used to target specific populations like renters within your area. 

5. Taking Advantage Of Video 

Videos are increasingly dominating social media. They allow you to touch your prospects in a more personal way. Consider getting creative and doing things like rental property walk-throughs or before and after renovation videos. Although videos aren’t used that much by most real estate agents, the savvy ones are leveraging videos for business growth. Some are even starring in their own real estate reality TV shows. 

6. Business Cards 

Realty cards can help you make a lasting impression for your agency. These cards typically symbolize what your real estate business means to you. This is one reason why it’s important to use the right finishes on your card. 

Create attractive realty cards to make a strong first impression. Give yourself an edge by tapping into your creative side. Make your cards memorable. 

Go for unique shapes, quality designs with custom-edging colors. Thick and heavy realty cards tend to appear more professional. A matte finish is considered clean and classic. 

But don’t focus so much on style at the expense of function. Instead, ensure your text is easy to read. 

7. Online Ads 

Internet marketing materials are just as important as tangible ones. So including online ads in your tool kit is a thoughtful way of increasing your visibility. 

As a real estate agent, you want to leverage where prospects are searching for properties and becoming their agent of choice. Consider running Facebook or Google ads to start. 

8. Home Staging 

Real estate business isn't just about selling properties─ it’s about selling a lifestyle. You want prospects walking into your open house to imagine themselves leading their best life in their new home. And home staging can help you with that. 

Building relationships with brokers and real estate agents is a good way to learn the latest staging tactics and beef up your marketing strategy. Working with certified staging professionals can help set your property apart from the competitors. Check out estate agents at JenJewell.ca to learn more about home staging. 

9. Door Hangers 

Real estate door hangers are great marketing tools for direct advertising in an open house. They provide enough space to include property details, images and any other information. For design, you should consider using bold text and bright colors. 

Some good ideas of using them include hanging them on the doors of properties that are up for sale. You can also put them on the front doors of prospects. Because of this, potential customers can take them away if they need to know more about your offers. 

Use the Right Real Estate Marketing Materials to Grow Your Business 

Knowing what to add to your real estate marketing campaign can help you succeed in your real estate career. The use of a real estate website, printed material and social media are just a few tools that give you the ability to stand out from the rest. 

This article covers these and other real estate marketing materials you should consider incorporating into your marketing strategy for growth. For more property marketing tips, check out the Real Estate section of our business blog.

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