The Seven Deadly Sins Of Business Relocation

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Have you decided to relocate your business? Well, the process can be more stressful, complicated, and money-taking than you think. A journey to a new place and world seems horrifying to most people throughout their entire life. You may have your own reasons for moving the business. You may want to connect with more customers, need to take your business to an elevated level, or want more facilities to expand it. Whatever the reason is, if the relocation lacks strategies, it is going to be a nightmare to you, along with your staff. A research done by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) reveals that almost 2/3 of employees who are directly associated with business relocation leave the job or are dismissed. To help you out, we have come up with additional hints of some deadly sins of the business relocation process. So, you can know about the causes of probable tormenting situations that can arise and avoid them to make the process smoother. 

Starting Without Delivering Proper Instructions 

No matter how much you plan for the move, everyone connected with it needs to have distinct viewpoints about the obligations, restrictions, and purposes. Without clear directions, all your plans and efforts will go in vain, leaving you along with the team in a great dilemma. 

The front-liners of the company must agree in some prior decisions. These decisions will eventually maintain the flow of the process and help them plan the further process. They include: 

• What is moving to the new premises? 
• Where to move? 
• When to set everything and start anew? 

Lacking A Dedicated Team 

If your team is incompetent and inefficient to handle the move, your stress will only increase. There should be a reliable team leader managing the team members and the works with devotion and perfection. He should be trustworthy and capable enough to take accurate decisions on behalf of the higher management. The Project Leader must have excellent communication skills, the skill to organize the team, and experience to handle the task within the budget. 

As an expert coordinator can make the process smooth and take the team along to make and accomplish plans, the authority should elect him soon after the decision of relocation is finalized. 

Starting Too Late 

Moving a business is a lengthy and money-consuming project. To keep everything flawless and following the strategies, you should plan the move early. Late planning will make your move stressful, lead you to make decisions in a hassle, and eventually cost you beyond the budget. The quicker you start strategizing the relocation, the more likely it is to be triumphant. Whether you are remodeling, renegotiation, or relocating, start analyzing the alternatives before 9-18 of the contract termination. 

Lack Of Project Planning And Preparation 

Relocating a business itself is a harrowing process. It might be the most stressful experience of your life and can toil you much. So, you have to prepare yourself along with the team for a less-stressful planned move. As this project will cost you a large amount of money, you should have thorough planning. You have to run the business, keep it flowing, and consider a lot of things. Lack of being organized and following the strategies are prime reasons for stressful relocation. You can divide the tasks into series and keep them doing. 

Failing To Budget The Process Realistically 

A business relocation that is not completed under proper budgeting will end up breaking the bank. It is nothing but like a silly step to roam around an unknown place without knowing the directions! 

You need to develop a realistic budget that incorporates all the necessary costs of moving the business. Outline the budget so that you know the sectors of paying and stick to them. Unless the cost will overrun your estimated budget. 

Going For DIYs 

Business relocation involves crucial steps that need expert co-operation, years of experience, and assurance that only professional movers can offer you. If you are thinking to go for a DIY move, think twice as such a step will bring no success instead, load you with overspend of money, and let you make unrealistic decisions. Paying professional movers will not add to the expenses. They will cut the cost down considering the accuracy of service they can provide, and make the process smooth. DIYs for such a crucial process may sometimes prove to be an expensive and unorganized step. 

Failing To Maintain Seamless Communication 

You might be busy planning the move, making decisions, and supervising the team. But if you don't maintain flawless communication with the potential clients and even the employees, you are about to lose them, following poor accomplishment. The team members need to be informed of the steps and strategies so that they can ensure their input, and don't get frustrated. 

If your business owns a digital present (and it should have), it should reflect the information about the changes you have made. If you don't update the data and the address on the website, it will produce a negative impact on the clients, decreasing your reliability. 

Business relocation is undoubtedly a costly process that requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and proper strategies, yet a need sometimes. But the load may decrease to a great extent if you can avoid the above deadly steps and keep everything following the plan.

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