Relocating A Business: 5 Ways To Get It Done Efficiently

how to efficiently relocate a business

Relocation. It is a difficult thing to manage and deal with on many levels. From employee needs to your clients or customers, ensuring everyone is on the same page with you is exhausting. Depending upon the size and scope of your business, you may have to move manufacturing equipment, electronics, furniture, office supplies, and more. Efficiently moving it all to keep up with your clients’ and customers’ needs can be overwhelming and full of stress, but it can be done. The important thing is to delegate, prepare, and begin the moving process as soon as you know about the impending move. 

1. Determine What Is Moving And What Is Not 

This is the primary step in the process. Many businesses purchase brand-new furniture for their new space rather than moving it. If you are in a manufacturing business, are you moving all the equipment, or are you having new equipment installed? Are there things you can update or that you can let go of entirely? This includes out-of-date training manuals, instruction guides, and supplies that you don’t use anymore (did someone say carbon paper?). You will be amazed at what you find when you are packing up. 

2. Create A Layout For The Offices And Other Spaces 

If you are moving to a new space, well before the move, you want to be sure that you create a layout. If your current layout works, you can try to recreate it in your new space. If not, then it is time to change things around. Do this well in advance of your move so you can have contractors take care of things like electrical lines, partitions, and more before you get there. This will allow you to get back to full working power quickly and easily. 

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Delegate 

Delegating helps you to do any job more efficiently, but most especially moving. Set up a moving team that includes representatives from different departments. Have them create a timeline and list for their particular area, so they and all the employees can be on the same page. Pulling together during this move will give everyone ownership and create a team feel. Delegate the move itself to professional commercial movers. You can coordinate with a moving company in Omaha if you are from around there, or contact a reputable company from your city. They are accustomed to working with businesses and will be able to make the move as efficient and smooth as possible. 

4. Give Yourself Extra Time To Move

While you have a very detailed timeline, it is almost certain that something will disrupt your schedule. Go into the move knowing this, and you will decrease some of your frustration when something happens. Add extra time to your timeline to account for this and to simply settle into the new space. 

5. Overcommunicate During The Moving Process

For the move to be successful and done efficiently, you must communicate. Communication will be the key to getting things done in an organized way. Give your team all the information they need to manage their group of employees. Stay in communication with any service specialists, contractors, and the movers as well. While you may feel as if you are overcommunicating, it cannot be done in a move of this size. Keeping everyone apprised of things happening and things needed can decrease your stress and help you to get through the move. 

Get Moving With A Rapid Relocation

Relocation can be a big thing for your business, but if you do not keep everyone updated, plan well, and take the time you need, you may find it is more than you can handle. By following the relocation tips above, you can make the process more efficient and simpler for everyone involved. 

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