B2B Vs B2C Marketing Methods

b2b vs b2c marketing strategies

There is a vast difference between marketing business-to-business (B2B) and marketing business-to-consumer (B2C). In both, you do sell products to people, but the difference lies deep in both kind of markets. 

In a B2B structure people make purchases based on logic to save time and a significant amount of money. However, in B2C, investment is mainly based on emotion and attraction. 

Did you know that the cost of sale in the B2B market is much more expensive than B2C? The reason behind this is that it requires much more decision-makers, consideration, people and logic. A considerable amount of time is spent on making a purchasing decision to choose the best purchase to prove return on investment. 

B2B Marketing 

B2B organizations are ones that deliver goods and services to other businesses which helps them to grow and operate. These may include payroll processing companies or manufacturing suppliers. B2B companies have a completely diverse target audience. They offer finished goods, raw materials or even consultations to help other businesses achieve their goals. 

The features and logic behind a product are the most crucial things focused on B2B. In the purchasing decision, there is no space for emotions if a product helps the business to grow or seems to have any positive points in it, then it will be considered as a good purchase. 

When marketing for B2B, a person has to focus more on the people buying instead of the product. You have to deliver a message to the people how your product is competitive, better and cost-efficient. 

B2C Marketing 

Business to consumer (B2C) is considered as a business in which complete products are sold to the consumers directly. An example of this can be seen when a person goes to a shop to buy a mobile phone or TV for himself. Or a lady is buying a branded dress. 

In B2C marketing, the product carries great importance. Selling a B2C product is pretty easy if you succeed in impressing the consumer. You don’t have to offer great information or messages to consumers in this form of marketing; consumers would prefer getting direct knowledge about the product. 

Clearly out the benefits of the products transparently to a client would help your B2C work well. Try to keep your message easy and straightforward to get going with your operations more calmly. 

Differences In Buying Process 

Customers purchase your commodities for personal use. Commercial buyers’ acquire products or services for use in their companies. In B2B-buying, the acquiring procedure is more complicated. Decision making people comprise participants from mechanical, professional, fiscal and operating divisions, depending on the type of procurement. Mostly all Packaging Machines Importers are running on the B2B module. 

A whole team is involved in choosing on the product. The person taking the product or buying it is never the only having full authority. 

Crucial Differences Between B2B And B2C 

The facts given below explain the dissimilarities between B2C and B2B: 

1. In B2B dealing is done between two different companies while in B2C the business deals directly with the customer 

2. In B2B, the client is a commercial body; however, in B2C, the purchaser is a consumer. 

3. B2C purchasing decisions are quick, while B2B consumes an enormous amount of time. 

4. B2B decisions are always based on logic and planning while in B2C emotions is the only factor which makes a purchasing decision. 

5. Products sold in B2B are in bulk while a B2C consumer would purchase small quantities. 

6. In B2B, the main focus is on the other business while in B2C marketing is based on the product. 

7. B2B relationships are for a long run, and B2C consumer relationship may last for a very short time. 


Every operation and procedure are entirely different in the B2B and B2C models. There are many B2C businesses available in the market, which makes it more competitive. However, B2B sellers are less, and they work more on building relationships with other companies. Let's not get into B2B2C businesses, that's a whole other ballgame.

If you need to connect with businesses, then you signup at a leading Nigerian B2B Marketplace. The marketing procedure for B2B is very difficult and may take a very long time to succeed. B2C customers usually buy products which are not resold; however, they are instantly consumed.

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