What Types of Business Industries Need SEO Marketing the Most?

what types of business industries need seo marketing strategy most rank higher on Google

Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that gets your business seen on the internet. Your engagement with it is what will earn your place on the first page of Google, which is the page that matters most.

While every business can benefit from a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, there are some types of business industries that need to focus on their SEO from day one.

Does your business fall into one of these categories that need SEO marketing the most? 

1. Start-ups

As a start-up you are at an inherent disadvantage. The internet is a noisy place, and you don't have the online or offline name-recognition to cut through the racket.

Thankfully, SEO also requires minimal upfront investment, which means that your new-to-the-market status won't stop you from getting started. You also have the chance to target a specific niche and create your search engine optimization strategy based on your competitors' shortcomings. 

2. Online Services

Are you an online-only service? Whether you run a SaaS company or you're an e-commerce business, you need a strong SEO. Search engines are your primary tool for discovery, and high rankings instill trust in potential customers.

Because you don't have a physical presence, you need to give your SEO strategy your all.

3. Local Companies and Professionals

Do you provide a hyper-local service in a city or even a neighborhood? You might think you don't need a website, but you do. Websites build credibility even if you serve the vast majority of customers in person. One statistic shows that 84% of consumers believe that businesses are more credible when they have a website (in addition to their social media pages).

And if you have a website for your local business, then you absolutely need SEO.

In the past, experts touted the advantage of SEO as putting your business in front of a global audience. But ever since Google began prioritizing local SEO, that all changed. Local SEO helps you show up not only on the rankings list but also on Google Maps.

4. Medical Services

Do you provide a clinical service? You need a stellar website with great SEO to differentiate your business from the competitors.

It's not just a matter of marketing; though, that's important, too. For example, strong SEO for stem cell clinics can bring in new patients as well as share valuable information with those who might benefit from stem cell therapy. You can use targeted keywords not only related to stem cells but the conditions it can benefit, like "arthritis treatment."

But A high functioning website can save on costs for your practice without cutting corners. On your website, you can include:

  • Chatbots for FAQs
  • Appointment setting functions
  • Record request forms
  • Payment functions

These will free up your administrative staff for value-added tasks and streamline interactions with patients both in the clinic and outside it. Smart SEO strategy and website features will help your employees to focus on core competencies. 

Most Types of Business Industries Benefit from SEO

While the four types of businesses mentioned above have the most critical need, most types of business industries benefit from SEO.

Good SEO does more than win you new customers: it opens up opportunities to use your website in more dynamic ways, rather than using it solely as an FAQ and contact page.

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