Understanding What Is A Drug Crime

what is a drug crime

The charge of drug crime is undoubtedly frightening and stressful. Depending on your charge, you may face jail time, hefty fines, and other penalties. Time is the key to the effective defence of such cases. 

We have more than 100 years of comprehensive case handling experience, and our San Diego drug defence attorneys are capable of defending you. Our lawyers are former prosecutors, and we do our best to provide our clients with our best-case handling capabilities. 

To get a free consultation with our experienced San Diego drug crimes lawyer, please visit our website! 

Definition Of Drug Crime 

"Drug crime" is a term that refers to a crime involving Violation of laws. There may be several different types of drug crimes, depending on what the accused was trying to carry when he was arrested. For example, when a person is arrested and sells drugs, but he intends to use the drugs on his own, the judge will relatively lightly punish this type of crime after the defendant's conviction. If the person was planning to sell the drug they were carrying, the judge's sentence would be relatively heavy after the defendant was convicted. 

San Diego City is considered by most to have the strictest anti-drug laws in California. If you are arrested in a drug case, you need to understand how San Diego State law defines "prohibited goods." 

What Is Contraband? 

Under San Diego law, the term contraband includes both legal and illegal drugs. 

For example, the following are legal contraband: 

- Heroin 
- OxyContin 
- Ambien 
- Vicodin 

Legal drugs are considered illegal if a doctor does not prescribe them. Although San Diego is less harsh on defendants who hold contraband but do not plan to sell, defendants in such cases may still be convicted of felony and face jail sentences ranging from one to thirty years. 

We can defend all types of drug cases; Our case management area is mainly focused on criminal defence. Many years of experience have enabled us to handle the same circumstances as your current criminal case. We study your case tirelessly, including the status of searches and interceptions at the time of the case. If your constitutional rights are violated, we will fight for your justice and demand that your rights be protected. 

When our lawyers defend clients in drug cases, many factors are considered, such as: 

When the police arrested the defendant, was the search legal? 

Is there any evidence that our customers intend to sell these drugs? 

Will a case without a criminal offence affect a client's career? 

Whether you are arrested for the first time or re- offended, our experienced lawyers can defend you. 

We do not classify cases as "easy" or "difficult." We treat each case individually and give each case a lot of time to defend our clients. 

San Diego Drug Lawyers Give You A Free Case Evaluation! 

San Deigo Law Firm knows that the prohibited case will harm the client's future, so we are committed to ensuring that your case results are the best. You can trust that we will protect your rights!

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