Short Term WiFi Internet Options For Exhibitions

short term wifi internet options for exhibitions business wireless connections

While many exhibitions claim that they provide WiFi for free, never let them fool you. Yes, you can certainly connect to the WiFi but aside from the login hurdles and bugs, what you will surely get a bandwidth quality that is similar to that of the 90s. 

One solution you can consider is to sign up for the event organizer’s WiFi plan. Sadly, just like hotels, event organizers know all too well how important internet is, so they might charge you with exorbitant prices even for the least consumption. Although this approach doesn’t come highly recommended, this is something you can consider. What are several hundred dollars when you already spent thousands to get your exhibition booth up and running? But, cutting down on these small expenses won’t really make any significant difference and sometimes, they might end up compromising the success of your whole event. 

Another short term WiFi internet solution is regarded as the most efficient and convenient one so far. This is to get a 4G plan then share this as WiFi. Many cities are offering such plan for a relatively affordable price and your smartphone is the only thing you need. After you have transformed your device into a WiFi transmitter, every device in the exhibition can connect to it and get started in working efficiently with excellent quality connection. 

Now that you have planned your exhibition’s internet connection, how will you make the most out of it? 

First of all, never wait before the start of the exhibition to set up the devices. Check and test the connection then give access to it to everyone present in the booth. Set clear rules. Remember that this is a professional type of connection. This is not something that should be used just to browse Facebook or watch videos in YouTube. 

Shortcuts must also be set up on every device to your site, online catalogue, blog, pricelist, blog and others. Ensure that the staff knows how to access this in just one click if the need arises.

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