Is Cheating On The Exam Wrong?

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If you have to ask, you already know that cheating in exams is wrong. Students tend to cheat even when they know it’s not morally correct because they want to get good grades. As you know, grades are one of the most salient features for all learning institutions. 

At the end of the day, it’s the grade you get that determines if you’ve achieved academic excellence or not. Teachers use grades to decide who will be awarded and who gets to be punished. 

Since students fear punishment and failure in general, many resort to cheating so that they can paint the picture of a perfect student, however, you can only keep this up for so long, because sooner or later, you’ll get caught. 

A student’s portfolio mainly consists of the grades they’ve scored throughout school. Of course, projects and extracurricular activities are documented too, but the grades speak the loudest. According to our fellow writers at, even when students are applying for scholarships, they have to convince different universities to choose them among the many based on their academic performance. 

So is cheating justified because students are institutions where grades are the main commodity? Let’s find out. 

What’s The Logic? 

The thing is if you have to ask, you already know that cheating in exams is wrong. You’re no different than a politician who’s stealing from public coffers because. Both of you are corrupt in your own right, and the fact that what you do does not harm anyone doesn’t make it less corrupt. 

One might argue that students are justified in their cheating because they feel cheated by the system. However, many students throughout the years have proved that you can score excellent grades without necessarily resorting to cheating. 

Of course, there are quite a number of hard-to-reach students in classrooms who have a hard time understanding concepts. However, programs have been put in place to help such students understand better. 

There are several alternative teaching methods teachers use to ensure they meet each student at their points of need. Cheating is against everything a student believes in because if they thought schools were unfair, they wouldn’t agree to get enrolled in the first place. 

Deep down, every child knows that they can do better if they tried. However, cheating has been normalized to the point that many are now apathetic to it. It’s a sad state of affairs because these are the same individuals that the future relies on. 

Counter Argument 

We cannot sit here and lie that our leaning institutions are perfect. There is so much that needs to be changed to ensure that a child’s input while they’re in school, corresponds with the anticipated output. 

The fact that grading is the only way institutions determines a child’s intelligence is wildly unfair. Our children are multi-talented and how they perform in one field should not seal their fate. 

The job market today is greatly dependent on academic performance when looking for candidates. That is why the thought of failing scares many students into cheating. No students want to end up as a lesser light in their field of work. Everyone wants to be a leader because we’ve been made to believe that the top position is the only position that matters. 

Many students who excellent will confess that their work does not really inspire them. All that matters for them is the world will see them as bright. Of course, change cannot happen overnight, but the educational sphere should work collectively to make the education system inclusive of all talents. 

After all, many business owners today are successful because they believed in their skills and talents. Rather than turning our kids to robots who only care about grades, we should encourage them to embrace themselves as they are. 

There is nothing wrong with being bad at math because we hardly have control over the kind of minds we’re born with. Students need to understand however, that they have control over who they want to be in future. 

Wrap Up 

Cheating is wrong, and no student should be justified in their cheating. After all, the main reason students go to school is so that they can learn. However, the educational sphere has a lot to think about regarding the grading system. Using grades to determine who is better than the other was a bad idea from the beginning. Even though change cannot happen overnight, we need to see actionable responses that address the issue at hand.

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