Build Or Buy A House? Making The Big Decision

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Each year 5.34 million homes get sold. Buyers search the available markets for the perfect home. It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

It makes the idea of building their own custom home quite tempting. But there are pros and cons to each approach when looking for your next home. 

If you're trying to choose whether to build or buy a house, then read this guide. 

Advantages Of Buying A Home 

The most significant advantage of buying an existing home is the convenience and the price. Get approved by a lender, and then you're free to shop around, find the perfect home, and extend an offer. 

Looking for an existing home gives you more freedom. You won't be limited to looking for available property. You can confidently choose a home in a well-established neighborhood that you like. 

Advantages Of Building Your Home 

The biggest benefit of building your home is getting exactly what you want. You get to choose everything from the size of the kitchen to the carpet in the bedrooms. There's no compromising like when buying an existing home. 

You'll also get a brand new home that no one else has lived in. That means you can enjoy the full useful life of the materials and appliances. You also get to install energy-saving features that an older home may not have. 


If you're on a tight schedule, you need a home that's ready to move into right away. This typically applies to buyers who are relocating for work. 

Building your own home will take months. This is assuming that nothing goes wrong, and there are no delays. 


The cost can vary for both existing and custom-built homes. Generally, it's cheaper to buy an existing home. It's also simpler to figure out how much the house will cost. 

When building a home, you have to contend with a lot more items on the budget. This includes everything from materials, to labor, to the construction cleaning afterward. 

Customization Vs. Convenience 

Buying an existing home means you're likely moving into an established neighborhood with all of the amenities and conveniences nearby. The landscaping will be mature, so you'll only have to worry about maintenance. 

This level of convenience makes it enticing to buy an existing home. 

On the other hand, building a home may place you further out of town. This is because you'll need to locate available land to build your house on. You may find that commercial development hasn't reached your new home yet. 

Build Or Buy A House? What's Right For You? 

When choosing to buy or build a house, you need to consider your timeline, budget, and needs. If you need to move quickly or are on a tight budget, then it's better to buy an existing house. 

If you have the time, budget, or specific needs, then you'll be happier building your own home. 

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