The Top Safety Devices For Your Lone Workers

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Choosing safety devices for your business is important because you might leave workers alone in the facility, the office, or on your property. Your company depends on these people to keep the facility safe, or you might send people into the field that work alone. There are several safety devices below that could be offered to your lone workers. You must gauge the danger of the work environment against the safety devices you offer for a lone worker

A Personal Alarm 

A lone worker alarm can take many forms. A personal alarm can be something that the employee presses to sound a loud alarm. The alarm can call the local authorities, or it could call a contact number. Some personal alarms are apps that allow you to add a long emergency contact list. Plus, these alarms might turn on a microphone that will transmit anything that happens during an emergency. 

A Desk (Silent) Alarm 

The silent alarm has been popular for decades. Companies can install silent alarms at any desk, and that alarm can be connected to the phone or Internet line. The alarm alerts the manager, owner, and/or the police. Plus, these alarms can be used for fires, and the fire department will be notified. 

Smoke Detectors 

Smoke detectors should be used throughout your facility to sound the fire alarm. You can also add sprinklers that will extinguish the flames. A lone worker cannot do anything about the fire, but they should be the first person to know about the fire when the alarm sounds. 

Pepper Spray 

Pepper spray is a good thing to give any of your employees. You can give pepper spray to someone who does fieldwork like plumbing or HVAC repairs. There are valuable parts on the truck, and the truck itself has value. This is a simple way to protect your employees, or you could give personal defense spray to anyone who is left alone on your property at night.


You should give a sidearm to anyone who is working as a proper security guard. Someone who is managing a large property with extremely valuable items needs to be able to defend themselves. Sidearms should only be given to people who have a license to carry a firearm, and sidearms should not be used in relatively-safe lines of work. You do not want to give your employees extreme safety options when they do not encounter dangerous situations. 

A Flashlight 

You should give all your lone employees a flashlight that will allow them to see any dark corners of the property. You should give a big flashlight to everyone who works alone, and you might give them a flashlight that can hang from their belt. 

A Locking Door 

A locking door is one of the best safety features that any business can have. Your employees need to know that they can go into a room and lock the door if they are unsafe. You should give your lone workers keys that will allow them to open any door, and you must make sure that all the doors have a lock. Sometimes, a locking door is the only thing that can protect a lone worker from an intruder. 

Safety First 

When you want to give safety devices to your employees, you must gauge the dangerous nature of your work against the devices you offer. For example, you would not give a sidearm to a plumber. However, you need a sidearm if you are guarding a storage facility that has valuable products inside it. Plus, you can use personal alarms, security cameras, smoke detectors, and pepper spray. Teach your employees how to use these safety devices before putting them on the schedule.

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