Top Booming Industries In Jacksonville FL

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Jacksonville is becoming a top city for many families and individuals to move to. It is on the rise with successful business development and urban development. Jacksonville has had some of the top companies in the country for fast-growing methods. Continue reading to learn about some of the top industries in Jacksonville, Florida. 

1. Construction 

The construction industry is on the rise in Jacksonville, especially with the city continuing to develop and grow. Companies such as Maer Construction, Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors and The FaverGray Co. have led the way in the growth of this industry. These companies have all had revenues in the millions of dollars in the past three years, showcasing the growth they have had. Construction is an ever growing need in the Jacksonville, Florida area as the city continues to grow, develop and become more urban. There is never a shortage of construction sites and work. 

2. Real Estate 

With the construction industry growing, it is natural to believe that real estate needs would also be growing with new houses and apartments being built consistently. The Jacksonville real estate industry has grown exponentially in the last three years, with firms making hundreds of millions of dollars. The JWB Real Estate Capital firm has grown over 230 percent in the last three years and the Dream Finders Home has made over 150 percent growth in the last three years. Real estate is an ever growing industry in Jacksonville with so many new construction sites being developed and created. 

3. Insurance 

With Jacksonville becoming more and more urban, there is a greater space allotted for offices and business development. Downtown Jacksonville especially hosts some of the greatest office spaces in the country, with many being devoted to the field of insurance. The industry of insurance has been up and rising within the last three years in Jacksonville as the city becomes more and more populated and developed. Companies such as Member Benefits, MedMal Direct Insurance Co. and Brightway Insurance have led the way with millions of dollars in revenue throughout the last three years alone. 

4. IT Services 

With the urban development Jacksonville FL has experienced in recent years, there has been the opportunity for more modern and technologically proficient companies to enter the scene. IT services has been one of the industries that has had the most success in business development in Jacksonville, especially in the past three years. These companies understand what it takes to advance as a technology based company. They are iCube Consultancy Services, iVenture Solutions and SourceFuse. All three of these Florida companies have made millions of dollars of revenue and have increased at rates of at least forty-one percent over the last few years. 

5. Health 

One final industry that has had tremendous success in the Jacksonville area is the health industry. The healthcare industry has encompassed medical centers, medical IT services and health-based business firms. Any of the specific industries encompassed within the healthcare industry have had tremendous success in their development in Jacksonville FL, however. Companies such as St. John's Medical have grown by over 1008 percent. Optimum Healthcare IT has grown by 774 percent. The HCI Group has grown by 244 percent, and PPR Talent Management Co. has grown by 87 percent. It is easy to see that this industry has had tremendous growth.

Take Action And Work In Jacksonville 

No matter the industry you are interested in working in or already work in, they are sure to have had at least some success in the Jacksonville area. If you are looking to expand your industry experience and grow with one of the fastest moving companies, consider a move to Jacksonville FL. Contact Suddath movers in Jacksonville to assist you in your move to Florida.

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