8 Things To Know About Mortgage Loans

what to know about mortgage loans

It is important to understand the ins and outs of mortgage loans when considering buying a home. It is important to be sure to choose the correct lender that will assist you in understanding mortgage loans as well. Continue reading below to learn more about mortgage loans and the ins and outs of them. 

1. Credit Is Important 

When you are approved for a mortgage, the lender is taking a risk in loaning you a large amount of money. It is important to have good credit when applying for a loan. You probably will not be approved unless your credit score is in good standing. 

2. Following Your Budget Is Essential 

Lenders will only approve you for mortgages that they believe you can afford. With this in mind, it is important to create a budget based on your income and debt status. Utilize mortgage calculators to determine what you can afford before even speaking with a lender about a loan. 

3. Fixed-Rate Mortgages 

Fixed rate mortgages are generally the safest mortgage. The interest on these mortgages will never change over the time of your loan. If you choose a thirty year term loan, the payments will also be lower and more spread out. 

4. There are Other Types of Mortgages 

There are many types of mortgages despite the fixed-rate mortgage, however. There are some in which you only pay interest for a short time called interest-only. There are also adjustable rate mortgages in which the interest is likely to change over time. The type of mortgage you decide to utilize is completely you and your lender's decision. 

5. Second Mortgages 

You are able to take out a second mortgage based on what your home is currently valued at. There are some negatives to this method, but you could also get a great interest rate. This does come with a line of credit, however. 

6. Down Payment 

A down payment is required for most mortgages. If you get an FHA loan, only a small down payment or no down payment is required. If you get a VA loan, no down payment is required. Most individuals put ten to twenty percent down on their homes, however. 

7. Refinancing 

Over time, you may find a mortgage with better rates or better terms. You may also be able to get better rates if you get better credit. This is a risky maneuver for many, however, as you never know the interest rates you will receive from refinancing until you refinance. 

8. Compare Mortgage Lenders 

It is important to discuss with mortgage lenders before settling on one certain lender. They may be able to offer you special discounts or special interest rates. Each mortgage lender is at competition and may be able to offer different terms. 


Space Coast Credit Union mortgage loans are able to help you understand many of these mortgage terms and policies. They can help you with determining the types of mortgages or determining how to refinance or take out a second mortgage. SCCU is there to help you every step of the way with mortgages.

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