Signs That Your Business Is In Need Of A Managed Service Provider

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Operational efficiency is a priority for most businesses, both big and small. However, not all such businesses have the system to maintain said efficiency. Owing to limited IT resources, small companies end up falling behind and have systems that are constantly at risk. To combat these problems, a lot of businesses opt for managed service providers (MSPs). 

MSPs are outsourcing companies that remotely monitor and manage a businesses’ IT infrastructure and systems. In fact, over 64% of organizations used MSPs in 2016, and the market has grown at a rate of 12.5% since. There are enormous benefits for any company that decides to opt for an MSP. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint when a business shows signs of actually needing outsourced IT solutions. 

To make the process easier, here are some signs that your business needs a managed service provider: 

Increasing Downtime

If your business is offline once, that’s alright. However, if the frequency of downtimes increases, you and your company may be in trouble. Frequent downtimes can be very expensive as they leak business, damage reputation, and increase customer dissatisfaction. A decrease in uptime can be the first major sign that shows your in-house technology team isn’t up to the task of managing your systems efficiently. By opting for managed service providers, you can rest assured that there won’t be frequent outages. The team of experts will study your firm and suggest an IT strategy that will drastically reduce outages. 

Overworked Or Understaffed Teams

If your business doesn’t have proper IT support, your business will either cause burnout in existing employees or provide you with results that aren’t satisfactory. Unless you have an IT team working round the clock, there may be gaps in your IT systems and infrastructure. Apart from this, you may be hiring and setting up a team that may not be trained to resolve issues reactively, something that happens when businesses are starting out. By hiring an MSP, you can enjoy the opportunity to work with IT experts that have the time and resources to manage all your online assets. 

Leaks In Security

In today’s technological landscape, system and data security are extremely important. As a business, you need to ensure that customer data as well as your company data will remain private, no matter what. However, if you don’t have an IT support team monitoring your systems 24*7, 365 days a year, the chances that you will face a breach are quite high. If you’re worried about possible accidents and outages, it’s time to hire an MSP. You may also need to ensure that other managed service providers are no match for this firm before you hire them. Ensuring that your MSP is well-versed with how to handle cyber threats can be a good assessment. Or you can also learn about how they implement disaster recovery solutions and identify the gaps in the system as well. 

Recurring And Unpredictable IT Costs

If you’ve been facing issues with the cost of managing an internal IT staff and systems with no clear budget, it might be time to go with an MSP. More often than not, you need an IT expert to handle a particular task. In such an instance, you can either hire someone or get in touch with an MSP to remotely handle all IT operations. Not only will this help you in moving away from unpredictable costs but it will allow you to select an IT solutions plan that works well with your business and is ready to scale whenever you want! 

Outdated Databases, Systems, And Software

If your IT infrastructure has begun to seem like a thing of the past, it may be time for an upgrade. While you may go ahead and upgrade your systems, doing so alone may be challenging. If you’re ready to move to Cloud solutions, you might consider hiring an MSP for the move. The service providers are focused on providing IT solutions and are up-to-date with all the latest technological changes. Owing to this, they can ensure that your business gets the latest technology and infrastructure while making the right move towards growth. 

Improve Your IT With An MSP

Whether or not you go ahead with an IT solutions provider or an in-house team, it is a decision you will have to make. However, with a rising number of security threats, the movement to cloud, and changing technological landscape, it’s important to have a reliable IT partner that protects your business. When other managed service providers are no match for this firm you are running, only then do you need a dedicated, in-house team of IT experts. Until then, a good MSP will do!

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