Finding The Best Exhibit Solution

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The decision to purchase or rent a trade show booth for your business depends on several factors. There are some instances where purchasing a customized trade show display is a better choice. Other instances are best handled with trade show booth rentals. ExpoMarketing enables you to find the best trade show displays that perfectly fit your brands needs. 

ExpoMarketing applies a personalized and detailed approach in creating unforgettable brand experiences on trade show floors. The creative exhibit designs and innovative styles will give your business the edge you need. ExpoMarketing has also scaled its competition by offering first rate trade show experiences that are relaxed and appealing. 

Being an award-winning fabrication house, ExpoMarketing collaborates with their clients in ensuring the exhibits reflect the ideal brand images. Their customer service goes above and beyond in creating customized exhibit solutions that are top notch. The design ability of ExpoMarketing is simply unrivaled in the trade show industry. 

Custom Trade Show Displays 

ExpoMarketing works with all sizes of companies and businesses to deliver perfect personalized trade show displays. Whether your business is a new startup, medium- sized or one that is well established, ExpoMarketing has got you covered. Every detail is taken into consideration to ensure that the final product fulfils your expectations. 

The exhibit details that are focused on include the layout, engineering, structure, flooring, graphics, furniture and lighting. The in-house designers apply the latest technology and equipment in creating the exhibition solutions. The customized trade show displays are therefore impactful and memorable. 

Purchasing Vs. Buying Trade Show Displays 

Determining whether you should rent or purchase a trade show display booth is fundamental. Besides the price considerations, other factors that you should look into include: 

- Whether your business will soon be rebranding 
- The number of trade shows your business will be attending 
- Whether you want the same booth for all the trade shows 
- The size of the trade show booth you want 

The above factors require careful consideration in order to make an economical and sustainable choice for your business. The decision you settle for should clearly reflect the current and future ideal image of your business. You should also maximize on your budget and get a stunning trade show display that will outdo your competition. Renting a trade show booth allows you to change your business branding with ease. If you intend to rebrand your business in the near future, renting a booth may be a better option. The transition is much easier compared to changing the entire layout of your initial booth. It also gives you the advantage of having a temporary display until you're ready for your rebranded solution. 

Renting also offers you flexibility on a tight budget when attending multiple trade shows. It gives you the option of having multiple booths set up at the same time in different locations. Which may be a better deal than having to pay the full price for only one booth. Having a single booth can also pose a risk of late arrivals to trade shows in case of any delays. 

Purchasing your own trade show booth, on the other hand, is convenient if you do not intend to change its design. Buying an exhibit is a cost-effective choice if you are attending many trade shows in the course of several years. It's also a better option if your booth is largely sized which allows you to cut on expenses of rental booths. A purchased trade booth also allows you to have it 100% customized since it's truly yours.

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