Why Food Business Needs FSSAI Food License?

fssai state license Food Safety and Standards Act

The business owners who work with handling and selling food perform a very crucial task for their consumers. Their customers consume the food that these businesses sell. The consumer must know that the item or product they are consuming is healthy and safe for consumption. 

Eating unhealthy food items can lead to many health problems, and there is a need to prevent that from happening. The government of India, therefore, took steps to make sure good quality food reaches the consumers. The government has thus issued various food licenses that a food business needs to possess to qualify as a legit food provider for the consumers. 

What Is Food License? 

FSSAI is the Food Standards and Safety Authority of India. This authority is responsible for making sure that the food businesses maintain the safety standards of food items they manufacture. To become a food supplier or run a food business in India, the company needs to obtain the FSSAI license from the government. 

Possessing the license or certificate is only possible by ensuring the fundamental food safety regulations that the government has set up as standards for food businesses. The food license is an indicator that of a legit and certifies food business. This makes the consumers sure about the quality of food products manufactured and supplied by the company under consideration. It is compulsory to have a food license issued by FSSAI to run any food-related business in India. 

Who Needs The Food License? 

According to the Food Safety and Standards Act passed in 2006 by the government of India, some food businesses must have the FSSAI food license. Without this mandatory certificate, these businesses cannot operate in India. Any business involved with food manufacturing, packaging, and storing must have the license. 

The companies that function as food product retailers or food product transporters must also have the certification from FSSAI. For a person to have a food import or export business also needs to have a food license. Apart from these, online food suppliers or retailers also need an FSSAI food license for their business. 

The Types Of FSSAI Food License 

There are three basic categories or types of food licenses that the government of India issues. 

The type of license or certificate that a food business may need depends on one of the following two criteria: 

1. The type of food license required can be dependent on the food business turnover. 

2. Another factor for consideration is the business unit’s production capacity without taking the food business turnover into account 

The three types of FSSAI food licenses that a business may need are as follows: 

• Basic FSSAI Food License: Any small food business owner can easily suffice with a basic FSSAI license for their business. These are petty food retailers and hawkers with an annual business turnover, not above Rs. 12lpa (lac per annum). In the case of such small businesses, a basic license if enough to run the business. 

• State FSSAI License: If the business turnover calculates somewhere between Rs. 12 lac to Rs. 20 crores, then the business needs to obtain a state FSSAI license. 

• Central FSSAI License: For businesses with an annual turnover exceeding Rs.20 crore, it is mandatory to apply and obtain a central FSSAI license to operate. 

The Need For FSSAI Food License 

Various reasons highlight the relevance and significance of the FSSAI food license for any business. The main thing under consideration is the health and well-being of the consumer, who would consume the products sold by these businesses. This is why FSSAI has some food safety standards and regulations. These rules are mandatory to follow for food businesses. 

To obtain a food license from the FSSAI and the Indian government, the food products manufactured or supplied by the business undergoes some quality and standards check. These checks use certain chemicals to obtain results. The chemicals tell the quality of the product that the business is selling. This helps the FSSAI to know whether that particular product is fit for consumption by the consumers or it might have any adverse effect on their health. 

The FSSAI food license adds credibility to the food business owner and their products in the market.

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