SEO Optimization For Voice Search

seo optimization for voice search

Innovative technologies always arise in response to the needs of most users. For example, the use of a speech synthesizer or its recognition mechanisms is not only used when recruitment difficulties arise (frosty, visually impaired pensioners, blind, young children, etc.). Voice search saves time and provides a quick response even in total darkness. A Google search engine query makes no sense to manually type. Files on a smartphone or desktop computer are located almost immediately after pronouncing the correct words. Therefore, setting up voice search is not so much a luxury as the first necessity. 

Google Voice Search Settings Guide 

There are differences between voice adjustment on a desktop computer and a smartphone, for example. All you need to do for your computer is install a downloaded Chrome browser. The title immediately shows a search string with a small, familiar "speak" character. Clicking on it automatically activates the voice prompt function. On any mobile phone, you can use the same method, or use the command "OK, Google", which has been canceled on desktops for three years. 

It is necessary to understand and how to adjust voice search, and how to react to arising from time to time errors. Adjustment takes place from the menu "Settings" in Google application. There is a section of the same name. We enter it and make all the necessary changes. 

The "question mark" symbol in the upper right corner indicates the possibility to get help on any question that arises. 

Virtual "Talking" Helper - The First Necessity 

For business people who value every minute of their time, successful businessmen who do not want to miss a single valuable opportunity, this trend has become a daily necessity. Managing a mobile device, website, online store, and your own desktop files with voice commands is not only convenient but also profitable. 

The effective use of this innovative technology can be viewed from four angles: 

● Finding the first assistant in business and life routine, the most loyal assistant, who quickly organizes even chaotic accumulation of information units; 

● Virtual assistant - voice search on the site in an online store, on playgrounds, dating sites, tour agencies, etc. - Their creation becomes the most successful and useful innovation; 

● Voice SEO-optimization. 

In addition, with the help of such a "talking" assistant, you can analyze the huge amounts of data for the shortest period of time, giving the customer immediately the right answer option. Voice Internet search is easy, fast and accessible. Even elderly people enjoy mastering this technology. 

Importance Of Optimizing Sites For The Request With The Help Of Voice 

Why are more and more owners of sites, online stores, web projects of all sorts of things necessarily order the optimization of their portal for voice queries? The answer to this question is hidden in the benefits that arise as a result. And all of them affect the ranking and promotion of sites. 

For example, by setting up voice queries in Google, you can get the following: 

● A web resource page is loaded more than 50% faster than typing in the search bar manually; 

● The first thing you should do is to display reliable domains; 

● Top positions in the response are held by portals with a speech recognition system configured. 

As a result, the optimization of the site for voice search increases the speed of loading pages, respectively - the number of views. Content is displayed more qualitatively which helps owners of sites faster to deduce them in a top, having reconsidered filling of web pages. 

SEO-Optimization For Voice Search 

In order to get good traffic from voice queries, it is necessary to remember, first of all, the keywords and trigger words. They can be set up with the help of SEO Suite

It is better to use questions as keys, in answers to which it is possible to convey all necessary information to the user. 

Therefore, be sure to type in the keyword question words. Content of individual pages should be created around the main keyword request. Articles should not be long and cumbersome. 

It is better to use a simple format and long read, and the main information is laid out at the top of the article. 

Do not forget that SEO optimization for voice queries implies the use of long bass frequencies and voice-friendly keys. Sections on the site, where brainstorming is conducted, will help to highlight the most popular keywords. 

To date, no relevant web resource can do without optimization for mobile devices. Therefore, it should be given as much attention as possible. Micro-markup and local SEO will also be useful.

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