10 Ideas To Add Fun And Color To Your Event

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Arranging festivals or organizing corporate events and meetings for your company requires lots of effort and crazy ideas to make it more exciting and entertaining. When it comes to choosing unique themes to opt for certain fun games and food to add charm and color to your event, several creative ideas can help to get the attention of your customers, promote your business, and to attract the media's attention. 

There are various options available to make the event more colorful, like arranging a concert or flash mob, workshops, and festivals for the visitors. There a few companies which have gone to the extent to distributing custom stress balls for the promotion of their event that can be exciting for the guests to release their stress by playing with these balls or you can also go for an event wall to get the reactions of your guests on it. So, if shortly you are having an event and planning to make it more entertaining, then give this article a must- read, as we are going to share a few tips that will help to add more colors and fun to make it a memorable one. 

Creative Ideas To Make The Event More Colorful

Several artistic ideas are there that can make an event more successful and fun from throwing a theme party to arranging a fire show for the guests or giving gift bags as a token of love. 

1. Theme Party 

It is one of the most exciting ways to make any event fun, whether it is a corporate event or any private party. Theme parties always rock as the guests dressed up in a specific avatar or colors like opting for a unique retro or movie theme or choosing a particular color as the party's theme. 

2. Install Photo Booth

Either organizing an event on your own or hiring an event planner for the occasion, you can place photo booths with some funky props and amazing backdrops to engage your guests. Also, install an automated system that can auto print the pictures taken in the box and also uploads these pictures on social media with the funky captions to grab the attention of others as well. 

3. Introduce Exciting Games

It is always good to entertain your guests with some entertaining amusements as it helps to make the mood of the party and a fun, cheerful mode for the evening. Lots of games like a scavenger hunt, truth or dare, family trivia games with gift hampers for the winning team, make a fantastic combination. 

4. Fire Tuba And Dancing

It might sound strange for some who are unaware of this, but this is one of the most popular ways to treat your guests, fire dancing along with flaming tuba is one of the oldest rituals that has been used by the various companies for the entertainment of their clients and guests. And the music playing on the instrument, along with fire shows, keeps the people entertained and fascinated. 

5. Add The Spice Of Visuals

Technology has taken all over the world, either it is for using in the production of any product or promoting an event, in this era, audio is not enough as people demand the visual effects too. Color your event with some big size LCDs and screens for the visual representation of your ideas and clients' views about your company along with entertaining impressions. 

6. Serve Signature Drinks 

One of the coolest ways to make the event more happening by serving your signature drinks with some unique and different flavors, or asking the guest to make their personalized drinks by themselves in an open bar. Serve the drinks to the guests in some presentable and companies customized glasses to leave a good impression on your clients. 

7. Get A Designed Insta Filter

To make your event more exciting and fashionable, you can also get a signature Instagram filter for social media recognition by taking help from Instagram's instructions and ask the guests to upload their pictures in this designated filter, and this way, your event will become a hot topic among the competitors. 

8. Setup The Dance Floor

These events are for social interaction and to celebrate happiness and joy among the people along with the entertainment of your guests. There are various ways to celebrate love and laughter as some people go for drinks while a few love to do dancing, arranging a dance floor with some drop beats for the event is an excellent tip to amuse your clients or guests. 

9. Special Food Feasts

Every party is incomplete without delicious and mouth-watering food, serve your guests with some savory and delicious food as it is one of the easiest ways to make your fellows happy and delighted. Also, add some popcorn, a cotton candy vendor, or chocolate fountain to fulfill the desire of deserts, opt for some stylish and themed platters with some outstanding cutlery to treat your guests in some exceptional style. 

10. Swag Bag With Personalized Logo

It is always good to see off your guests with some chocolates or swag bags containing candies, perfumes, or other related stuff as it builds a good impact on the visitors. You can get these bags from the market or either go for customized bags with your personalized logo. Another way to make the event colorful is by giving away stress balls and toys. 


There are several tips to make your event more influential and appealing for the guests like the installation of the photo booth, social media promotion, fire tuba along with some goody bags, delicious dishes, and cocktails. These creative and innovative ideas are of great help in throwing a memorable yet entertaining event for your friends, family, and clients.

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