Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing Strategies

how to grow business with digital marketing strategies

The advent of the new technological era has pushed the world to shrink. Advancements in technology, especially communication technology, have truly turned the world into a global village. But it is not all sunshine and roses unfortunately. The global village also brings with it an ever-expanding market. It also brings along an ever-changing marketplace environment. This phenomenon is a bit daunting, especially for the smaller businesses of the world. 

Big businesses are usually equipped with better technology, so the new entrepreneur is mostly at a distinct disadvantage. Overwhelming as it may seem, however, it is not that difficult to progress against the behemoths. With big problems comes great opportunity and a tech-savvy businessman can not only survive but can thrive in the modern age. 

The most pivotal aspect of the business is marketing and it has also transformed significantly with technological advancements. No matter how good your product is. It will not sell if the customer does not know about it. Learning a few social media skills and getting help from the strategies of digital marketing in Brisbane. These are just a couple of things you could do to ensure that the customer knows about your amazing product. 

Know Your Customer 

Who is your customer? That is the most important question you should ask yourself. As a business owner, if you are selling household appliances, then your audience / customer can not be a child. This may sound like basics, but many business owners overlook this aspect of the business. 

First things first: you must determine what specific niche of the society you plan to target. This is known as Market Segmentation and it is your most important task. As a business owner, determining the demographic and psychology of your customers is very crucial. It allows you to reach your customers with precision and efficiency. This results in increased sales for every dollar (or amount of effort) you put in. Knowing your audience allows you to market your product or services to them effectively. 

Take Netflix as an example, the production company has been highly successful because of constantly putting effort into understanding its customers. They use this knowledge to customize their services to cater to each kind of audience, that is how they get people hooked! 

The better you know your customers, the more of them you can reach. Eventually, it gives rise to sales of the company. A savvy businessman is aware of the market environment so he leads his company through this practice. 

Make Social Media Accounts 

Everyone and their dads are on Facebook. All the cool kids use Instagram. Twitter is where all the discussion takes place. Establishing your business’s social media presence is integral. Almost 3 billion people use Facebook and it’s multiple services, which is approximately half the people on this planet! 

From a marketing perspective, it means a wide swathe of the audience is accessible to you. Facebook and Instagram should be the bread and butter of your marketing strategy. The algorithms on both of these sites are incredibly specific. This will allow you to target your audience well. 

Another reason to do so is that it’s free. It does not cost anything for you to create accounts on basically any social media site which means there is no price to be paid for a potentially high reward. Some services on Facebook and Instagram also allow you to pay to promote your business as well. You can do a lot of your marketing from a clean and user-friendly interface. 

What more could a business owner want? Social media is free and easy to use. It gives you access to a massive audience where you can target any particular group of an audience as well. By now, if your business is not on social media then you are doing a disservice to yourself. 


When it comes to social media marketing, cross-promotion is the king. 

You must ensure that customers can see your product across all platforms. How exactly? Link your business Twitter account to your business Facebook account and plug your Instagram account on your WordPress account. This practice makes it easier for your customers to see your business as “legitimate”. Almost all social media platforms allow a specific option to do this. It is there for a reason. 

Anyone looking at your business’s Facebook account can crossover to your business’s Instagram. This will allow you to employ the medium most appropriate to that type of social media. 

You could reach a bigger audience by promoting your product on Facebook. The person can then tap on the Instagram link and look at the images of the said product. If you want to announce a new launch or a discount, then you can do so on Twitter. 

Each kind of social media platform has its specific style and attracts users on its basis. When you cross-promote across platforms, you can increase the number of people you can market to and also grow your preferred kind of audience. 

Use cross-promotion as a technique to increase your reach horizontally and vertically across the market. This exponentially multiplies the chances of you finding your audience. 

Do Not Be Too Formal 

When you are on a social media site, boring is death. 

Brands like Wendy’s and the like have achieved huge amounts of marketing success online. This is mainly due to the good management of their social media accounts. 

Wendy’s Twitter account is a perfect example of this. They have demonstrated a good understanding of the social media landscape. Leveraging that knowledge to ride the coat- tails of existing online trends has led to their massive success. Wendy’s social media team has made multiple tweets viral which allowed them to get a lot of valuable publicity. Through these methods, they have also been able to cultivate a positive brand image. 

There is an important point to note that unfortunately, social media marketing has evolved to the point where people are put off by it. Constant spamming people's feeds can be annoying and can even damage your brand image. 

So, keep it simple and keep it fun. Boring is your enemy when it comes to social media marketing. 

How Do Do Digital Marketing Right

To grow your business, you need to embrace the internet. Your focus needs to be on social media. Why? Because everyone is constantly using it. Develop intimate knowledge of the social media landscape (or hire someone who already has it). This social selling and digital marketing expertise will allow you to promote your product a heck of a lot better.

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