5 Essential Promotional Giveaways Every Smart Marketer Should Have

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Trade shows, employee recognition, and expos — such events mark the perfect opportunity to hand off promotional items and elevate your brand awareness to new heights. But what about the daily merchandise that you give to employees, clients, and prospects? Knowing which giveaways work best on certain occasions enables you to maximise brand reach and utilise the item to its full potential. 

The question is, which promotional giveaways should a smart marketer have in stock? In this article, we’ll be discussing 5 essential promotional giveaways that will help you step up your promotional game. You’ll never know when the right time arrives to delight someone with the right item! 

1. Branded Pens 

Branded pens may sound vanilla and out-of-date, but they’re actually one of the most effective promotional giveaways you can use. This is especially true if you work in a corporate environment where you come face-to-face with professional clients on a regular basis. Even the most tech-savvy of individuals can benefit from a trusty pen for them to take notes, reminders, and other important details. 

Promotional pens add instant brand recognition and are easily used by most recipients. Whether the pens are hanging on their front shirt pocket or sitting at a desk in the front office, keen eyes are bound to notice them. Because of their versatility, branded pens are a top choice for smart marketers who are looking to expand the brand awareness of the company they work for. 

2. Technologically-Infused Giveaways 

When talking about promotional giveaways, you have to factor in usability. What good is a promotional item if it’s left to collect dust on the table? The goal of promotional giveaways is to remind the recipient of your brand and you can do just that with technologically related items. Think about flash drives, power banks, and USB hubs. These products allow the recipient to power their devices and carry important information while on the move (which is a must in today’s age). 

It’s no surprise that customers and employees love receiving these types of products because they can integrate it into their everyday lives. They may even share it with their fellow peers and the item itself can become a form of discussion. 

3. Lighthearted Promotional Products 

Sometimes marketers think too much about promotional giveaways and make them strictly a business-exclusive affair. Why don’t you spice things up and show a bit of character by handing over fun, promotional giveaways like fidget toys, stress balls, and talking pens? It keeps the recipient interested and in all likelihood will engage more with the product. It’s these types of products that often leave a lasting impression in the eyes of recipients because they’re unique and interesting. 

Lighthearted promotional products are a great way to show your company’s fun side. Consider giving them during a successful meeting and you’ll certainly be able to brighten everyone’s day. 

4. Giveaways With Different Price Points 

Think about promotional giveaways as mini-investments. A cheap giveaway item will obviously leave a lot to be desired, while the more expensive ones are sure to make a statement. Start experimenting with a variety of price ranges and find out which items work best for a particular audience. You can create giveaway “tiers” where you can hand over a $1 item to every customer while reserving the $3 products for sales representatives and marketers. 

For example, the lower-tier items can be handed over during trade shows and exhibits while the higher-tier products can be given away during a company assembly. By giving away products with incremental cost differences, you’ll be prepared for almost any occasion. 

5. Items That Your Employees Love 

Your staff is the engine that drives your company forward and a little show of appreciation will go a long way towards keeping them motivated and productive. Chances are, you know what their hobbies and interests are. You can use that knowledge to hand over items that your employees will definitely appreciate. 

When promotional products are given with thought and enthusiasm, it shows that you care about your team. You value the effort they put in and you make them feel part of a bigger purpose. This, in turn, creates a group of brand advocates that vouch for your company and strengthen their brand loyalty. 

Using Promotional Giveaways To Your Advantage 

Promotional giveaways have the power to take your brand image to the next level. That said, it requires careful planning and consideration to ensure their effectiveness. Smart marketers like Value Added Promotion know this and handing the right product can make a huge difference between enhancing brand awareness and wasting marketing dollars. 

No marketer should be without these 5 essential promotional giveaways as we believe it can make a huge impact on both brand recognition and brand loyalty. Don’t forget to include these items in your next giveaway and watch how much of an impact it can make.

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