4 Ways Your Business Can Go Green

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As consumers become more environmentally aware than ever before, the savvy shoppers look for businesses that support their drive to keep the world healthy by advocating green-backed plans and agendas. Although being green may not rank up there on your list of priorities, resolutions or yearly projections, knowing how to handle the precarious line between consumer desire and company profits can actually help you expand your business. Here are four ways you can shrink your carbon footprint and support your customer’s desires. 

1. Make Smart Purchases 

Changing small things within your company can have a large impact on how your business goes green. Purchase recycled paper products, reusable rags for cleaning, and a water dispensing system. If you have giveaways, stick to items with your company logo such as reusable shopping bags, pens, and calendars. In other words, stay away from items that would end up in a landfill and stay there for hundreds of years. 

2. Commit To Recycling 

No matter how small your company is, committing to recycling is a valuable first step in shrinking your carbon footprint on the planet. One of the best ways you can help with recycling is to purchase and use an industrial baler. Not only can the baler help you compress your recyclable cardboard, paper, and metal, it can also help you sort the objects for compliance with state regulations. 

3. Check Energy Use 

Do your employees a favor and switch from old light fixtures to newer energy- efficient bulbs that can last up to 20 years. Changing to daylight bulbs may cost a little more, but the happiness and productivity of your workers will grow by more than 10 percent. Also check for serious air leaks around doors, windows, and vents. Although circulation is important in some types of businesses, you don’t need to leave the door open in the middle of winter because heating the outdoors is not an option. 

4. Landscaping For Savings 

Water is a huge problem in many areas, so to alleviate water consumption costs, choose to landscape in a way that helps the environment and saves on water usage. Planting trees, bushes, and large plants can help the environment by removing carbon dioxide and add back life-giving oxygen. 

Go Green

Your company can make a difference as it goes green, and don’t be afraid to let your customers know you are making the changes. By choosing environmentally friendly options, you can save money and keep consumers happy as you reduce your carbon footprint.

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