5 Customer Journey Moments Of Truth

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The customer journey from making a purchasing decision to finalizing a transaction and purchasing a product or service consists of several stages. Specialists involved in marketing and advertising on a daily basis distinguished 5 key moments (referred to as “moments of truth”) during which a potential customer or buyer, through contact with a given brand, builds his/her opinion or changes it. What 5 types of “moments of truth” in marketing do we know and what can be done to attract the attention of a user making an online purchase? 

“Moments Of Truth”, i.e. How To Attract Online Customers? 

“Moments of truth” are the moments when a company has a chance to build a relationship with a customer and influence his/her purchasing decision, making a positive impression. This idea was initiated in 2005 by the President and CEO of Procter & Gamble, A. G. Laffley, who distinguished two moments of truth. With the development of the media, including online marketing, specialists have defined another three. Thus, five key moments were created during which companies should be particularly active to attract the user’s attention. 

Less Than Zero Moment Of Truth 

- on Social Media, 
- through e-mail marketing and newsletters, 
- thanks to paid Google ads. 

This item has been recently awarded due to the development of digital media. 

Zero Moment Of Truth 

This is a term invented by Google and it determines the moment when the customer first comes into contact with a given service or product. It occurs when the user searches for specific information on the internet, making first, preliminary decisions. At this stage, the customer recognizes his/her need and the brand can use: 

- content marketing, through blog entries answering customer questions, 
- YouTube videos presenting the product, 
- Social Media - photos on Instagram and Pinterest. 

The First Moment of Truth 

At this stage, the potential customer is halfway to make a purchasing decision, which can be used through relevant content. At this point, the user compares products, gets to know alternatives, and selects a specific service or product from a given brand. To attract his/her attention and gain a competitive advantage, it’s worth: 

- highlighting customer opinions and reviews, and describing product details (purchase benefits, price, shipping costs), 

- including the company’s address, phone number and e-mail address on Social Media channels. 

The Second Moment Of Truth 

Depending on the method of purchase, this moment occurs after the purchase (online transaction) or before the purchase (stationary viewing of the product). At this stage, the customer gets to know the product directly. If this takes place after the purchase, the user uses the product and makes an opinion about it. In this way, he/she also compares the promises of the manufacturer or service provider with reality. At this stage, the purchaser should not be forgotten - you can send him/her information about the possibility of returning the product, the manner of making potential repairs or the instruction manual. Instructional videos also constitute an interesting solution. 

The Third Moment Of Truth 

The last, final stage of the customer journey is the so-called final moment of truth. At this stage, the customer shares his/her opinion about your brand, encourages family members and friends to make a purchase. He/she can also publish content about a given brand on social media. If this happens, you can count on your customer coming back to you. It is worth remembering to keep responding to user comments, including negative ones, which should not be removed, on social media and sales platforms (Amazon, Allegro, etc.). In this way, you build customer confidence in your brand. 

Moment of Truth in Customer Journey are key elements of the purchasing process during which you have the chance to attract customer attention. It’s worth making the content on your website and social media attractive and answering the customer’s questions and doubts. Of course, many other aspects influence the purchase decision, but if you use specific methods, you will significantly reduce the number of abandoned carts. Use the potential of the moments of truth and gain a loyal group of trusted customers who will come back to you!

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