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Duncan William is one of the world’s leading authorities on technology magic. He is the best of the best for tech magician work. Not sure what that entails? Let's learn more about technology magic below:

So What Is Tech Magic? 

Tech magic fuses traditional sleight of hand and mind reading techniques with iPads and iPhones and integrating the magic into the apps and coding to give a cutting edge and futuristic feel about the magic. 

With technology permeating more and more into our society, young people find it easier to relate to an iPad, iPhone or Tablet or Android device than say, a deck of cards. As a result fusing the two genres together, Duncan has created a new genre of magic – tech magic or digital magic. 

So What Kind Of Thing Can You Expect From A Tech Magician? 

Well, as mentioned earlier, The Cyber Magician has over 15 years of professional performing experience using cards, money, coins and other magic paraphernalia. However, he has also been brought up in a fast changing technological landscape. So, the Cyber Magician blends or fuses these genres together. Examples include pulling a full deck of cards out of an iPad or deleting the apps from his phone, or unlocking your mobile phone and telling you the last person you called. Other feats include reaching into the phone or iPad and pulling out a full size tennis ball or solving a Rubik’s cube under the watchful eye of the iPhone’s high resolution camera. 

The Cyber Magician takes all elements of technology and manipulates them to create magic. One perfect example is YouTube. Everyone can play it from their mobile phone. So one routine, is that The Cyber Magician will go onto YouTube on your phone and without you even saying anything or you writing anything down, press play on a YouTube video of a particular music track. Moments later, you will say the song you are thinking of, turn your phone over, turn the sound up only to reveal the Cyber magician has accurately predicted the song you were thinking of. The Cyber Magician also integrates his magic into social media. Examples include pulling a playing card out of his Instagram feed on your phone! 

A lot of The Cyber magician’s digital magic really needs to be seen to be believed. 

So where is it you can hire him as a tech magician, cyber magician, digital magician or iPad magician

The Cyber Magician can be hired for weddings, private parties, events and shows. His digital magic works very well in the trade show arena and he can tailor his magic to your brand, product, service, design or logo so you too really do have a bespoke digital magic experience for you and your guests. 

Duncan’s magic has taken him round the world and in the fast and ever changing landscape of technology The Cyber Magician is constantly creating new and innovative pieces of magic to harness this. As a result, hiring The Cyber Magician for your next event can guarantee that your clients, guests, customers or friends will really see some brand new, unique, cutting edge, technology magic.

Make More Magic With A Technology Magician 

The Cyber Magician can create bespoke magic apps to hand out business cards or flyers or drinks vouchers out of your phone. Equally, he can make signed cards jump into iPad’s or using special skills of the iPhone, transform a deck of cards into glass. The Cyber Magician can also be hired as a wedding magician and corporate event entertainment too.

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