5 Innovative App Ideas And Inspirations

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Everyone loves apps. There's even a good chance you're reading this using an app on your phone or tablet!

Users downloaded well over one billion apps this year, with the market continuing to grow each year.

Aside from fun, apps can provide a great source of income if you can capitalize on a great idea. To get your business year off to a great start, check out these five fun app ideas!

1. Barcode Coupon Scanner

How often are you in the supermarket, painstakingly comparing prices to save a few dollars?

Now imagine if that process was as easy as scanning a product's barcode. Within a few seconds, you could get a price comparison to ensure you're saving on the items you use every day.

As a fun bonus, you could include coupon integration so users can save even more cash. With billions of coupons in circulation each year, having a means of digitally storing and retrieving a coupon could be a serious game-changer.

2. News Consolidation

One of the wonderful things about the Internet is the rise of citizen journalism. Now, anyone with a smartphone can document important events around the globe.

With that said, it isn't always easy to stay informed. And for that matter, it can be hard to tell what's legitimate news and what's spin.

Now, more than ever, people need a way to collect the news that matters most to them in one convenient location.

3. Fitness Game

With obesity and other health-related crises on the rise, people are looking for new and creative ways to make exercise fun.

The gamification of fitness isn't necessarily new. However, the release and success of products like Nintendo's "Ring Fit Adventure" and the runaway hit mobile app "Run! Zombies" shows that there's still an audience for the idea.

As you head into this new economy, think about how you can make exercising interesting and encourage repeated activity. Gamification can be a gold mine!

4. Content Streaming Fusion

Last year may as well be called the year of streaming fatigue. There's so much great content out there, but people aren't willing to pay for a half-dozen streaming services to watch it all.

You can make the process easier by creating an app that allows users to connect their favorite streaming apps into one convenient library.

While the idea is complex enough that it may require the aid of another mobile app developer, it seems like an idea well worth exploring.

5. Encrypted Social Media App

When it comes to app usage, social media still takes up the bulk of users' time. However, users also have some understandable concerns about the ways social media companies use and commoditize their data.

To make matters worse, it feels as though there's a new social media data leak every week. 

Meanwhile, apps like Snapchat and TikTok have massive global user bases.

Marry people's love of social media with genuine data privacy by building a social network that puts the power back in the hands of the people!

Make a Fortune with These App Ideas

This year is going to be a fantastic year for mobile apps. And thanks to these app ideas, you can make it a fantastic year for yourself, as well!

Use these ideas as a basis for the next big app and have a great profitable year in business.

For more tips on making this your best year yet in biz, make sure to check back with our blog. We publish a wide variety of helpful articles on mobile application development and app ideas.

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