The Top Reasons Why Ultrasonic Cleaning Is The Best Cleaning Solution For Your Business

why ultrasonic cleaning best cleaner for business

Time is of the essence for any business, and businesses are hard-pressed to find ways to save time in their procedures and processes. Take cleaning, for instance. If you are in the automotive industry and you are running a small auto repair and maintenance shop, then one job of your staff is to clean various parts and components. The same is true for other businesses, whether you’re in the medical or health care sector, in the restaurant industry, in the aeronautics industry, or other. 

When manual labour is involved, it can often take a lot of time and effort, and, as you know, the less time wasted on one task, the more time you can give to another task. This is where the true benefits of ultrasonic cleaning come in. Ultrasonic cleaning has been used for decades, but today, more businesses are resorting to ultrasonic cleaning technology in various sectors. Here, then, are the top reasons why ultrasonic cleaning is the best cleaning solution for your business. 

How The Process Works 

If you aren’t yet familiar with ultrasonic cleaning and would like to have a better idea of how the entire process works, what you should know is that ultrasonic cleaning makes use of high-frequency sound waves in order to produce tiny bubbles in a heated container or tank filled with a mix of water and mild soap or detergent. The process results in 'cavitation', which is when the bubbles are formed, and cavitation can 'break up' water molecules as they are jiggled very quickly. The ultrasonic cleaning process involves the use of a transducer, and this transducer is placed into the tank or container, and it can vibrate to up to 42,000 times a second. Because of this, the water is 'fatigued' and the molecules are broken up. 

The method of vibration creates the above mentioned bubbles, and they will then collapse, and the shock waves produced by this collapse will be strong enough to deal with surfaces and crevices to clear away dirt and other contaminants. 

What Ultrasonic Cleaners Can Do 

Ultrasonic cleaners allow your business to save more money in the long term simply because it allows different parts and components to have a longer lifespan. With ultrasonic cleaning services, you can take care of all kinds of dirt, and this also includes metal shavings, hydrocarbons, rust, polishing or buffing compounds, grease, soil, carbon deposits, and more. A typical ultrasonic cleaning process takes around half an hour to 40 minutes. 

The Uses And Advantages 

- If you are handling power sports cars or vehicles on a regular basis, these vehicles will have components that are hard to clean due to their inaccessibility. It's easy for these components to get dirty over time, primarily since dirt can easily hide in crevices and holes and cause damage to the engine. Ultrasonic cleaning allows you to clean areas that are hard to reach, and it can remove dirt, grime, carbon, oil, and varnish, and you don't have to remove seals, O-rings, or plastic, which can save you plenty of time as well. 

- If you run an automotive dealership or auto body shop, your technicians can have increased productivity. For instance, rather than cleaning a single carburettor at a time, a technician can simply throw in several carburettors along with various other parts into the ultrasonic cleaning tank, run the machine, and do another task for 30 minutes as it cleans. You can definitely clean a lot more components with a lot less effort, and the parts and components will be thoroughly clean and spotless as well.

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