The Top Tips You Should Remember When Designing A Label For Your Product

product label design

If you know you have an excellent product, then you should be confident that customers will know this and appreciate it as well and give your product a try. But even if you have the best product in your niche, this doesn’t automatically mean that customers will buy it from the shelves – the label and packaging of your products counts for a lot as well. If you want to make a statement and get your brand noticed, the label you design for your product should make an impact. You have to make your product stand out with the right label, especially if you have a lot of competition in your market. Here, then, are the top tips you should remember when designing a label for your product. 

Think About Readability 

The first consideration you have to think about when designing a label for your product is readability. A label will usually hold information like the product's name, the brand's logo, the units of what is contained inside, and so on. Sometimes, you will even find a tag line or a short description. More extended information will often be included on the back, and this may show specific instructions on how you can use the product, what its ingredients are, and the like. But all this information boils down to readability. Make sure, then, that the text you choose for your label is readable and legible. You should also choose the right font size so customers can easily read it from a distance. In essence, the text you choose should be more than 6-point fonts. For other information, you can make use of 10-point fonts. Make sure as well that the color of your font is a good contrast with the color of the background. The shades you choose, however, should be in proper sync with the style and theme of your brand. 

Consider Typographic Pairing 

Most product labels will have limited space for content and images, so you can create a visual illusion and hierarchy with typographic pairing. This is when customers should be able to recognize the different points of information on the label, and you can do this with the right contrast. If you want continuity between one piece of information and another, you can make use of the same or similar fonts. You should also use a font or fonts which can reflect your product's nature. For instance, if you are selling something like hot sauce or chili sauce, choose a font which shows robustness and longevity. 

Don’t Forget The Importance Of White Space 

When designing your product label, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of white space, either, as confirmed by labelling machine specialists such as Atwell Labellers. White space can be quite a significant and relevant element because it helps you separate different pieces of information so your customers can easily read and understand the details. White space is important for creating a distinction between the various visual elements of your product label. 

White space is also great if you want to give your product a more minimalist look – it can lend an air of sophistication to your product and make the label look uncluttered. White space is especially useful for products such as cosmetics, baby products, and the like.

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