Top 3 Actionable Outcomes Of An ITIL 4 Transformation Across An Organization

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Since the early 90s, the IT industry has seen a sweeping set of changes. From the big box that punched holes into software cards to the chip powering the latest iPhone, the industry has merged with other sectors to truly become a behemoth of the 21st century. Today, the world of data has clouded almost every existing server while we scramble to create Big Data solutions. With such transformations, the entire sector has always faced roadblocks, and we have come up with unique guidelines and rules to ensure security and safety. Let’s look at how this has happened in our lifetimes and into 2024. 

When the personal computer first became mainstream and found its way into the homes of millions, you had to go through a lengthy process to register a complaint. To counter this and ensure hassle-free customer service, guidelines were put up that raised tokens in case of an anomaly automatically. Today, you can just click on a button and a complaint will be registered automatically. ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is another set of such guidelines set aside to improve customer service and efficiency across IT service companies. Contrary to a few years back, today, you can go for an ITIL 4 foundation training almost anywhere in the world. 

With more and more organizations adopting ITIL frameworks, it has become imperative to hire professionals who are adept at handling ITSM tools or have at least gone through an ITIL 4 foundation course. This demand is mainly fuelled by the thought that if you have an ITIL certification, you have the ability to effectively optimize resource utilization in the best interest of the company. This global need for ITIL savvy professionals is in no way getting any smaller as the IT industry makes more headway into the future. 

Let’s look at the top 3 outcomes of implementing an ITIL 4 transformation in the organization – 

1. Flexibility Is The Key Outcome To Optimize Profits And Improve Satisfaction 

With ITIL 4, the original guidelines of ITIL 3 get an upgrade. To keep up with the times of Big Data and machine learning, ITIL 4 guidelines are beefed up to tackle the issues of industry 4.0. The common way, that entailed defining processes, have evolved into defining practices. This change is key, and an ideological juggernaut. While the process part of it hasn’t been forgotten, the art of including best practices to ensure customer satisfaction has been given more importance. This flexibility is key and affords organizations implementing ITIL 4 guidelines to stay on track and utilize resources for maximum profit and maximum satisfaction. So even if the supply of ITIL 4 certified professionals goes dry, you can undergo an ITIL 4 foundation course yourself to stay ahead of the times. 

2. A Holistic Approach Ensures A 360-Degree View On Things 

With an ITIL 4 implementation, the approach to service management will turn holistic. The key feature of ITIL 4 is to put the spotlight back onto the employees and customers and ensure satisfaction levels are high. This imperative value addition to customers and stakeholders has two dimensions mainly – 

I. Organizations And Culture:  Let’s face it. It’s the culture that keeps an organization afloat. This balanced with the right level of competency amongst its workforce makes it successful. ITIL 4 ensures there are skilled and competent workers at all sections of the hierarchy. 

II. Data And Technology:  Continuous upgrades to technology ensures the proper functioning of the business. With more powerful processing softwares like Python, Big Data problems can be crunched much more effectively. 

3. Injects Agility Into All Of The Organization’s Functions 

ITIL 4 takes some features of agile practices into its workings. ITIL 4 takes the continual improvement approach and gives it a twist one level down at the service level. Given that right now big-data is available in plenty, there is no reason for organisations to hold back on the services front to develop better and better methodologies to improve CX. This also future-proofs the organization from any emerging technology like robotics and allows them to quickly steer the course, allocate resources, and improve on all fronts simultaneously. 

If these outcomes are what you strive your organization to adopt, then an ITIL 4 certification is imperative. To obtain the certification, you can undergo an ITIL 4 foundation training from an accredited body. Through this, you can avail all the resources and downloadable material to prepare for the examination that’s held at the end. Consisting of 40 Multiple Choice Questions the exam’s duration is an hour, and not complicated. You must get at least 26 correct to qualify and obtain the certificate. So don’t wait any longer. Get certified and give a boost to your career today!

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