4 Reasons To Buy Refurbished Desktops For Your Business

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As you shop around for desktop computers or your business, you will be shocked to see just how high the price tags are getting. 

The good news is: You don't need to buy the shiniest or newest desktops around — your business can function — flourish actually — with refurbished options that function just as well as newer options and are competitively priced. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why you and your IT department should consider investing in refurbished desktop computers for your business: 

You Will Save Money

If your office is like most, saving money is always a priority. And the most appealing reason to purchase refurbished desktops is obviously price. You can save hundreds, even thousands, by buying used — particularly if you're buying in bulk for an office. 

And let's be honest: When it comes down to it, you know better than anyone in your company that people often overestimate just how much power they need from their computer. And that overestimation can lead to overpaying for machines you just don't need. 

Used and refurbished desktops will likely impress your bosses and, truthfully, most of your employees won't be able to tell the difference. Which brings us to our next point: Refurbished computers are just as functional as brand new ones. 

You Will Save Time On Hardware Testing 

Some people might wonder if a used computer can keep up with the latest applications and software updates. It is a fair question, and we are here to say unequivocally that they can. 

Before putting refurbished computers on the market, sellers are required to fix any broken parts and upgrade all relevant hardware. That means the hardware will work well and will have been tested much more thoroughly than newer models. 

Plus, a good seller can get a refurbished computer to you within one to three days — so you save time, effort and money. 

You Will Reduce Electronic Waste 

Along with saving your company's budget, buying refurbished computers will reduce your overall carbon footprint. 

According to DoSomething.org, e-waste represents 2% of the United States' trash in landfills, but it makes up 70% of overall toxic waste. Buying used or refurbished can help you and your company break a dangerous cycle of waste. 

Do your part by recycling those electronics that still have years of functionality in them. 

You Will Still Be Protected By Warranties 

A major fear of buying anything used is whether or not your purchase is protected. That is valid, and any seller who doesn't offer some form of warranty is probably not somebody you want to buy from. 

Refurbished desktop computers that are purchased from the original manufacturer generally come with a similar warranty as those sold new. If you are buying from a third party, always ask what kind of warranty or return policy they ask for before signing a receipt. A one-year warranty is standard and should be enough time to find any major issues with your device.

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