Platinum Diamond Ring vs K Gold Diamond Rings

platinum vs gold diamond ring

When buying diamond ring, some people entangled why the diamond ring is written with a platinum diamond ring, and some write an 18K white gold diamond ring. And their price is different. Is it good to buy platinum pet necklace or 18k white gold? Although their names are similar, their essence is very different and cannot be generalized. Today, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of platinum diamond ring and 18K gold diamond ring, including Stackable Rings

18K White Gold Diamond Ring 

The primary color of 18K gold personalized pet photo necklace is golden yellow, and the white 18K gold we see is the color after plating. 

Advantages Of The 18K Gold Diamond Ring 

1. 18K gold has the advantage of varied colors. Because it contains 25% of other metals, 18K gold cheap name bracelets will appear in different colors; usually 18K white gold is white with yellowish color, after all, it contains 75% gold, generally a layer of rhodium is applied to its surface to give it a silvery white glow and a brighter ring. 

2. The Price Of 18K Gold Is More Affordable Than Platinum, And It Is Cheaper Than Pure Gold 

But it is not inferior in appearance, especially the electroplated 18K white gold diamond ring and platinum diamond ring. The silver-white precious metal is very similar. However, some unscrupulous merchants sell K white gold GNN pet necklace as platinum. You should pay attention that K white gold and platinum are two different precious metals. Platinum is called white gold. It is indeed a loss to buy K white gold at the price of platinum. 

3. 18K Gold Has High Ductility And Hardness

It is used in diamond ring design to flexibly display the ring's styling creativity. It can do relatively complicated diamond ring styles than platinum custom dog necklace, especially the large carat diamond ring. The support force is stronger than platinum, which can protect the precious diamonds so as to prevent the diamonds from falling off and causing losses. 

The Disadvantage Of 18K Gold 

As mentioned above, 18K white gold engraved photo necklace has a layer of plating on the surface. Therefore, after long-term wear, some users find that their K white gold ring is slightly yellowish, if they are often exposed to chemicals containing ingredients (e.g. skin care products, hand soap, vinegar, etc.), the plating layer is easily corroded, and the primary color of 18K gold is exposed. Therefore, please remove the diamond ring when removing makeup, do not wear a diamond ring to cook, wash, or do chemical experiments. 

Platinum, also known as "white gold". Platinum (Pt) is a natural white pure metal, known as the king of precious metals. According to the national precious metal naming standard, only platinum can be called white gold. Platinum is pure and eternal, never fades, wears and damages. Please look for the Pt logo when purchasing platinum! 

Advantages Of Platinum 

1. Platinum's silver-white luster is not dim over time; it can always maintain a natural silvery white, which maximizes the sparkle of the diamond, which is very beautiful. 

2. Platinum's refining process and production process are very complicated. The technical level is higher than that of mixed K gold. Platinum is mined at only 5% of gold. Tons of raw ore go through complicated steps to make a simple ring, that's what makes the platinum diamond ring so valuable. 

3. Platinum has strong toughness and memorability, especially its toughness. One gram of platinum can stretch 2000m of platinum filaments, which can produce different texture. But its hardness is not very high, after adding alloy; the hardness is not as good as 18K gold. Therefore, used for setting big carat diamond is still very much inspecting the craftsman's mosaic skills. 

Disadvantages Of Platinum 

Platinum is more expensive in precious metals, but its quantity is not very large. And its inflation ability is not very strong. If individuals want to invest in platinum, the difficulty is still quite large. For a small self-wearing ring, the platinum ring doesn’t have the “trade in” value of K gold. There are many shops that recycle gold, but a little platinum is recycled. Platinum process is difficult and the purification loss is large. It is not easy to test rework. Even recycling, the price is very low for diamond rings

1. From the point of view of cost performance and value preservation, K gold is more affordable than platinum. 

2. From the point of view of aesthetics and eternity, although platinum is expensive, it lasts forever. 

Reach For The Right Ring

There is a lot to consider between platinum and K gold diamond rings. Pick the right diamond ring for your needs and budget!

Jewelry information source: get name necklace

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